First names: Old German names that are back in fashion

From Emma to Friedrich – old German names are again very popular. Here is a selection of the most popular names for girls and boys.

That would not have thought our grandmothers probably: That the old German names from their generation are again in vogue. But the trend is clear. While the influence of the USA and Great Britain goes back to names like Kevin or Jennifer, traditional children’s names such as Greta, Karl, Maria, Almut, Johann or even Wilhelm are heard more frequently on the playgrounds.

Desire for meaning

The nice thing about the Old German name is that they are full of history and stories. Be it because their own ancestors already bore them and the (great) grandchildren continue this tradition. Or because one likes to orient oneself to historical role models (Karl, the Great, for example) or literary figures (Effi or Emma).

And there is the individual meaning of many German girl names and boy names. There is Hilde, the fighter, and Friedrich, who contains the Old High German words for “peace” and “mighty.” Franz is the free, Konrad the “bold adviser” and Luise the “lute”.

Tradition is well received

Name researchers also see an increasing popularity of German names. Parents today are more tradition-conscious and more conservative in their choice of names than the parents of the decades before, who preferred exotic first names.

Often it is also the short form of a classic name, which is particularly popular. So for example Greta instead of Margareta, or Fritz instead of Friedrich.

Incidentally, not all of these names have their roots in Old High German, some are also of Greek or Hebrew origin. But they were also popular in Germany many decades ago, which is why we call them here “old German names”.

Popular old German girl names:

  • Almut
  • Alma
  • Amalia
  • Berta
  • Emma
  • Emmi
  • Karla
  • Frederike
  • Charlotte
  • Johanna
  • Hanna
  • Eleanor
  • Franka
  • Frieda
  • Gesa
  • Margarete
  • Henrike
  • Henriette
  • Irma
  • Luisa / Luisa
  • Lotte
  • Mathilda
  • Marie / Maria
  • Thea
  • Theresa
  • Karolina
  • Viktoria

Popular old German boy names:

  • Maximilian
  • Leopold
  • Friedrich
  • Georg
  • Artur
  • Kaspar
  • Benno
  • Wilhelm
  • Karl
  • Johann
  • Oskar
  • Richard
  • Eike
  • Peter
  • Hendrick
  • Fred
  • Frederik
  • Fridolin
  • Fritz
  • Hauke
  • Henrick
  • Henri
  • Konrad
  • Levin
  • Kuno
  • Lennard
  • Leonhard
  • Otto
  • Robert
  • Paul
  • Theodor

Less common, but also very nice are these old German first names:

  • For girls:
  • Annegret
  • Adelheid
  • Isolde
  • Aike
  • Alberta
  • Daike
  • Dilia
  • Ebba
  • Eila
  • fenja
  • Freda
  • Geraldine
  • Happening
  • Geske
  • Gila
  • Heidi
  • Hilda / Hilde
  • Irmina
  • Levke
  • Merlind
  • Minke
  • Relindis
  • Scara
  • Sigrun
  • Thalea
  • Wedeke
  • wieke
  • For boys:
  • Almar
  • Alwin
  • Arwin
  • Egino
  • Eiko
  • Elgar
  • Elric
  • Fenno
  • Frido
  • Frowin
  • Gerald
  • Gerdwin
  • Gerge
  • Gilwar
  • Godric
  • Hilger
  • Hinrich
  • Ingomar
  • Korbinian
  • Menowin
  • Raban
  • Reimar
  • Rupert
  • Wendelin

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