First trip with baby: 8 tips for the holiday premiere

Where should it go? And how? What is essential in your luggage? 8 valuable tips for all parents traveling with baby for the first time.

The first time with baby is exciting and beautiful, but also a huge show of strength. Since one thinks first not to vacation, more to the bare survival. But once everything has crept into something, the wanderlust creeps out again and calls for a dream beach under the palms – or at least after a change of scenery.

The new phase of life also marks the beginning of a new holiday era. And since everything is new, the first trip with baby requires a few extra preparations – whether you want to go to the Baltic or Oman.

In general, the baby phase is a good time to travel. Because unlike older children, a baby does it all, if you take a few things to heart. If in doubt, just put it in the stretcher – on the chest of mom or dad, it immediately feels safe and at home.

The first trip with baby: Our 8 most important tips for a relaxing holiday

1) climate

Ideally, it should not be extremely hot at the holiday destination and not too cold, because babies can not regulate their body temperature so well yet. Otherwise it will quickly become stressful for the little one and also for you if you are constantly worried about whether it could be baby too hot or too cold.

2) health

The hygienic conditions and the local medical care should play a role in the choice of destination, because of course you do not want to endanger your baby unnecessarily. Fever thermometer and an age-appropriate drug for fever lowering should definitely not be missing in the first-aid kit. For everything else the pediatrician * in consult.

3) documents

Every child, no matter how small, needs a child passport when traveling abroad. Before the trip but again at the Foreign Office check which documents are needed exactly. And do not forget babys health insurance card!

4) Arrival

In the car you are flexible, can travel at your own pace and has plenty of room for a lot of luggage (never with baby). On a plane , you can travel relatively far in a short time, and children under the age of two fly on their lap for free or for a small fee. Parents can take the stroller with most airlines to the plane, and baby food is excluded from the ban on liquids on board. A train ride is more environmentally friendly, but can be really stressful with baby – it is often too crowded, too narrow and too hot in the trains, and to miss connections, with child and cone is twice as exhausting.

5) accommodation

For those who can stand it, family or children’s hotels are great: the infrastructure is geared towards babies (there are baby cots, safety gates, babyphone, etc.) and you do not annoy other guests with the little screamer (they also have one or more) – which is very relaxing. Apartments are also a great choice: They provide space and useful things like high chair or washing machine and also retreats for over-night parents. But you have to cook and wash yourself.

6) Day design

Your baby has already developed something like a sleep and eating rhythm? Congratulation! Then you are well advised to consider the usual routines in the daily planning – that protects babies and your nerves.

7) baby food

If you do not or not always breastfeed, you should pack enough milk powder . Baby is already in the baby kit? Then you should take porridge from home for the first two to three days. This will save you the stress of having to find baby food right after your arrival. If you have an apartment, you can also pack a blender and make the porridge yourself, if you do not like the offer on the spot (too much salt or sugar).

8) Helpers

A baby carrier is worth gold on vacation – you are much more flexible than with the bulky stroller, and baby feels safe on the other side of the globe as well. A beach mussel is indispensable for a beach holiday – it provides shade and a sheltered space for napping and breastfeeding. And then, of course, the must-have , the stuffed animal and other personal things your child needs to feel comfortable.

VIDEO TIP: This must be in the first-aid kit for children

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