Flying shame – meaningful or futile?

Do you suffer from flying ash? Or are you still flying carelessly on vacation?

Can this continue?

Over the long weekend short to Mallorca (currently from 39.90 euros to have)? To Frankfurt with the plane? Once a year in the tropics? We are increasingly brooding. Because with the Swedish environmental activist Greta Thunberg the flying ash has arrived in Germany: The shame, even on vacation to close our eyes to the harmful consequences of our actions. In this case it is the global warming that gnaws at the conscience.

More annual leave for flight refusers

For some time now, the Swedish Olympic champion Björn Ferry only takes orders if he can come by train. And the Berlin Women’s Cooperative “Weiberwirtschaft” has now set an example against shame and climate change and grants its employees three days more annual leave if they do without air travel.

It has long been clear that we in the West live in all respects about our circumstances, while the rest of the world has to cope with it. It’s where most of the things we consume are known to be produced under catastrophic conditions: fast fashion, honeydew melons and roses in the winter, and smartphones for kids working in mines. We replace the torment of the animals we eat and the deforested rainforest, which is in the form of palm oil in our face cream. And we send our trash around the globe and out of sight. Close your eyes and keep it up.

Does Flugscham bring anything to slow down climate change?

But did we ask that things be the way they are? And above all, is it really good for the climate if we do without flies? Is it the individual consumer who has to act to limit global warming? Or is it just a drop on the hotter stone, if I take the train instead of the plane?

Or is it the policy of politics to fight laws against companies that fuel consumption for profit – at any cost? How about a kerosene tax, for example? A ban on heavy fuel oil as a cruise ship fuel?

The European elections have shown that climate protection is important to people. That they want something done against global warming. However we decide individually, the many words must finally be followed by deeds.

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