Four-year-old shouts grumpy stranger “Hey, old guy!” – and suddenly …

A little girl goes straight to a grumpy old man too, that her mother's heart stops short. In the video you can see what twist the story took then.

“Hey, old man!”

This is not exactly a friendly greeting, even for your own Grandpa. Tara Wood, mother from Georgia, USA, tells us on Facebook, what consequences this call should have. The “old man” who walked through the supermarket with a stony expression, but was a complete stranger, the four-year-old Norah across the hall just called out a greeting: “Old man! Today is my birthday!”

Mom Tara's breath caught for a moment , How embarrassing! The man did not give the impression of much fun. Quickly she hurried to apologize for her child. But suddenly something happens, which no one has expected – and which leads to an extraordinary friendship.

And all this just because a cheeky four-year-old has the courage had the spiteful man in the supermarket spontaneously call a nice greeting – in the video you see the two together in action.

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