Free wedding: why, why, why

Wedding planned? But church and tradition are not your thing at all? Two words: Free wedding! What this is and how it can look, we tell you here.

Free wedding: Why, why, why?

Legally and theoretically, a marriage is a sober matter. You go to the registry office with your bride or your groom, sign, submit the necessary documents and documents, maybe even sign a couple of witnesses and have a go! Already one is married, may carry the same name and has to pay less taxes.

But would such an objective, sober procedure do justice to this step of marrying: to make a partner promise to stay with him for the rest of his life, in the well-known good and bad times? Of course not! That’s why almost all couples celebrate this special day and occasion with a grandiose, elaborate ceremony involving all the important people: friends, family, favorite mates and, of course, God. And since the latter is always very busy, many come to meet him and decide on a wedding ceremony in the church. Or something like that.

Anyway, with a church wedding probably will not feel very well who z. B. does not believe in God or does not hope to find him in the Church, for example because she rejects same-sex marriages or a marriage at the second or third attempt (or contraception, abortion and consistent punishment of pedophile clergy). No problem, after all, there is still the free wedding.

For a free wedding, there are basically no rules , therefore also FRE I. Process, venue, guests, theologians, philosophers, water ice, pantomime speakers, clowns – the bride and groom can make the celebration completely individual and fulfill all the wishes in him to come to mind . The only thing that matters is that true love should be in the air!

Suitable is the free wedding ceremony classic way especially for:

  • Gay couples
  • individualists
  • atheists
  • freethinkers
  • Divorced Catholics
  • All who want something different

Free wedding ceremony: ideas and inspiration

In most cities there are organizers who specialize in organizing free weddings or at least offer them as an option. Many people place great value in planning to get to know you and your story as a bride and groom in order to create a personalized ceremony tailored to your specific needs . But even if you are in the hands of professionals, it does not hurt to think in advance what you want and what might suit you . Because the more ideas you bring in, the more personal your free wedding will be – and besides, it’s always fun to deal with wedding planning. “

The ideal speaker for your free wedding

If you want to engage a professional speaker, you are spoiled for choice – there are plenty of free theologians and female dreamwomen. However, when making the decision, you should listen attentively to your feeling: Is chemistry right between you ? Is she or he really on you? Especially in a free wedding, the wedding decides the tone and decides decisively whether the ceremony is really individual and tailored to you, or rather 0815 minus church duds.

But what comes with a free ceremony in question: A close confidant holds the tears ! Groomsmen, siblings, parents, good friends – why should not one of them stop the wedding, enriched with romantic stories and personal anecdotes about you and your love?

The perfect place for your free wedding

  • Marry on the beach ?
  • Wedding in the countryside?
  • An intimate wedding in a small circle in the parents’ house?
  • In the place where you had your first date ?
  • In the café next to the tattoo artist, who lets you have a partner tattoo instead of a ring?
  • On the roof of a skyscraper overlooking your favorite city?

As for the location for your free marriage, the wonderful principle “No limits!” Applies. Think about where you feel comfortable, what can best be reconciled with your desired guest list and your budget and then go.

The best time for your free wedding

Please do not freak out now, but: During a free wedding you can set the ceremony so that you give the yes-word in front of a romantic sunset setting – how ingenious is that please? For early risers, of course, the sunrise would be great – then a nice champagne brunch with the guests …?! But of course you can just as well decide on any other time of day, as with all other decisions, when the dusk is difficult to reconcile planning with your other wishes. Reminder: You have the FREE choice.

Popular rituals for the free wedding

Theoretically, you can put your free wedding wonderful under a motto that is aligned to your hobbies or interests:

  • Starwars
  • horse riding
  • tennis
  • Harry Potter
  • Fifty Shades of Gray … 😁

The imagination knows no limits! If something is too individual for your wedding then you can also integrate a symbolic ritual into your celebration, for example:

  • Sand ceremony: Both partners pour sand in two different colors alternately or at the same time – this creates a very individual little art of sand.
  • Lay the foundation stone : The bridal couple immortalizes his handprints in z. As a clay plate that can hang it later or obstruct the driveway to the common house.
  • Plant a tree: The bride and groom plant a small tree that will grow and grow with each couple in the future – just like the love of the two.
  • Let balloons rise: Guests can write their wishes for the bride and groom on cards, tie them to balloons and then let them all rise at the same time – a more environmentally friendly, less expensive, but no less attractive alternative …
  • Labeling stones: Here, the guests write their congratulations on flat little stones that the bride and groom can later lay out in the garden or bed in a beautiful arrangement (heart or two rings)
  • “Blessing” of the rings by the guests: Instead of the classic ring bearer, the rings can also be handed over to the trader by a free wedding ceremony by the hands of all guests. In addition, as a rule, everyone present gets a piece of a long ribbon in their hands, on which the rings are threaded and passed from behind through the rows of guests to the front. This ritual symbolizes, so to speak, that all those present agree to the marriage.

Alright so far and convinced? Then nothing stands in the way of your free marriage ceremony. If you need any further suggestions, feel free to browse through our inspirations for a “traditional” celebration. How about z. For example, if you were to do the wedding invitations yourself ? And a candy bar would be good for a free ceremony! With us you could inspirations also plenty of table setting , hen and stag find. Have fun planning – and celebrate!

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Sie heiratet bald – und zwar ihre Decke

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