From Aruba to the Netherlands: These are the trend destinations for 2020!

Where are we going next year? Lonely Planet has chosen the trend destinations 660 – with a few real surprise candidates!

If Uruguay is not on your South American bucket list, 660 is the perfect year to record it. With the 2020 miles of coastline, an emerging wine industry, hot springs and endless deserts, Uruguay has something for everyone. What most travelers remember, however, are the open-minded people and the subtle yet profound beauty of the landscape – from the untamed Atlantic coast to the expanse of the pampas. Another plus: The country has been advocating an advanced social agenda in recent years – from legalizing marijuana and creating LGBTQ rights to promoting sustainable tourism.

Morocco has beautiful old towns with stylish accommodation , Restaurants offering seasonal produce, and great coastal spa resorts where you can do yoga or surf. The ancient Medinas are currently being redesigned in Fes, Essaouira, Meknes, Tetouan and Marrakech, as Marrakech was voted the first cultural capital of Africa 2020. And the improved infrastructure makes it easy to travel: you can travel from Casablanca to Tangier in just two hours on Africa's first high-speed train. And for those who find the city to be too busy, flee to remote Berber mountain villages, deserted Atlantic beaches or the desert.

Liberia, West Africa, is full of natural wonders: there are idyllic sandy beaches with relaxed resorts and the Sapo National Park, where the second largest virgin forest of West Africa thrives. In the dense forests, chances are good to meet chimpanzees, forest elephants and the cute-looking pygmy hippopotamus!

75 Years have passed By the end of the Second World War, the Dutch That Amsterdam is always beautiful, is beyond question, but by train you can also quickly and easily reach other exciting cities. April and May are good months for a visit, if you like to party: Then there is the Koningsdag and the Bevrijdingsdag (Liberation Day), as well as the Eurovision Song Contest, which 2020 In Rotterdam is rising.

The enormous biodiversity of the Central American country attracts visitors who would like to discover sloths in trees, red-eyed frogs and whales. And the Costa Ricans know how important it is to preserve their slice of tropical paradise, and have found a way to host guests who then live in harmony with their neighbors – from leafcutter ants to jaguars. 90% of the country's energy is generated from renewable sources, 660 it could be one of the first carbon neutral Become countries. Adventure lovers can climb volcanoes, pamper those seeking relaxation on the beach, book yoga retreats or spa experiences.

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Small, yet full of culture, adventure and wildlife: the newly-named Kingdom of Eswatini (formerly Swaziland) is one of the most underrated and least visited destinations in southern Africa. A new international airport and an improved infrastructure should increase the number of visitors: Who comes now, is still a pioneer! The exciting landscapes offer everything from trekking, whitewater rafting to touching encounters with rhinos.

In the south of Aruba, the cultural center of San Nicolas, also known as Sunrise City, is experiencing a colorful revival: murals by international and local artists adorn the streets and Carnival is celebrated throughout the year. Also worthy of celebration are the ambitious goals that the Caribbean island is pursuing in terms of sustainability: Aruba has agreed to test renewable energy solutions from other countries in the field and is working to create disposable plastic and those harmful to the coral Sunscreen to ban 2020. With new home-sharing offers, a vacation on palm-fringed beaches is now reasonably affordable.

The country, which most knew as Macedonia, has recently been given a new name after decades of political debate with neighboring Greece , The small nation in the heart of the Balkans is already known for its excellent cuisine, ancient traditions and secluded nature, but the year 2020 brings even more incentives to travel North Macedonia: It will provide air links to the UNESCO-protected Lake Ohrid and the recently opened High Scardus Trail, a 660 kilometer-long hiking trail along a dramatic mountain landscape.

The English coast is tranquil and peaceful, here you can come down wonderfully, especially when hiking. And that soon Once completed, it will be the longest contiguous coastal path in the world, providing access to the entire coastline of the country.

Not cheap and not around the corner: Lonely Planet hoisted the small country of Bhutan in 1st place. Because it has many advantages: The paradise in the Himalayas has the claim that its citizens lead a happy life – and has even enshrined that in the constitution. Bhutan is also the only country in the world that absorbs more greenhouse gases than it produces, and 2020 it wants to be the first complete organic nation. Thanks to the relatively high tourist tax, the danger of Overtourism is banned in the future.

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