Garden wedding – tips and ideas for your dream wedding

The garden is one of the most romantic places to marry – quite familiar and yet out in the open. What you should think about as a bride and groom, we tell you here!

Garden wedding: Your own garden as a location

The wedding can take place in your own garden, but also in the large garden of your aunt or friends – wherever you feel comfortable.

For your garden wedding, however, it makes a difference whether you just want to hold the wedding ceremony there or whether the wedding takes place there. You will not get around the civil ceremony (which is not possible everywhere), but if a church wedding is not for you, think about a free wedding ceremony . Here you are completely free in the design – and also in place. So you can certainly celebrate a wedding ceremony in the garden. But of course you need enough space! Ask yourself:

  • Should there be a central aisle to the altar?
  • How much room does the altar take?
  • How many chairs do we need for the guests?
  • How can we provide enough power (light, micro, etc.)?
  • Buffet or a menu?

Plan enough space for the tables and the buffet. Is there a menu, considering that the waiter as accident free through the garden and between the tables can walk. If you want a candy bar (your guests will definitely do it 😉), this will also be considered in the planning.

Tips for your garden wedding

The garden is big enough as a wedding location? Excellent! Nevertheless, you should consider some things in advance:

  • Toilets : Only one toilet in the house? Even if many ladies know the queue for the toilet, it is very annoying at the wedding party when long lines form. Provides enough toilets, you can z. B. which rent.
  • Parking : Not everyone has enough space to accommodate the many cars of the wedding guests. Inquire if there is a possibility to rent a parking space nearby. Or ask your guests to form as many and meaningful carpools.
  • Electricity : Suddenly all the lights off? Now no one can use a power failure, provides sufficient power sources and an emergency plan. Get the best professional advice!
  • Light : Speaking of electricity … the sun will eventually say goodbye, at the latest then you need well placed light sources. However, they can work without electricity: candles create a wonderful romantic atmosphere.
  • Dance Floor : Dancing on the grass sounds like fun, but what if it rained and the earth is soft? No, no one wants to swing his dance leg. So: make sure you have a decent floor and then rock’n’roll!

A tent on the garden wedding

Yes, a tent is a good precaution and solution for bad weather. It is even better, however, to rent a tent right from the start. Because even if you have mixed or great weather: a tent provides shade and protects against wind! Either way, it is a wise investment for your wedding party and can provide a wonderful atmosphere!

Ideas for your garden wedding

Beautiful, beautiful, garden wedding: whether vintage charm with wedding arch and draped lace, unconventional with seat cushions or quite a few lanterns and flower garlands – your wedding in the garden will be fantastically romantic ❤️ (no matter how the weather is!). Let these ideas inspire you:

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If you still need one or the other tip for decoration (eg table decoration for the wedding ), wedding trends 2019 or to make wedding invitations yourself , take a look in our wedding party special.

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