Gifts for school enrollment: Ideas for the big day

These preschool gifts will be loved by your kids! Here you will find beautiful inspiration – from the educational game to the book of friends!

Training: The big day

The enrollment is a very special experience in the life of a child: With this big celebration it enters into a completely new phase of life. Reason enough to celebrate the day extensively! Naturally eagerly awaited by the boys and girls are also the school bags and gifts, which are gladly handed over by family and acquaintances for enrollment. However, the question often arises: What is a freshly baked schoolchild happy about? We give tips and ideas, with which gifts her is guaranteed to enroll correctly!

Hautärzte raten: So oft sollten Kinder gebadet werden

Gifts for school enrollment:

Children are sometimes overwhelmed with gifts at the beginning of school, which are then just lying around in the corner. Therefore, it is better to first think about which gifts will be used afterwards!

  • Gifts with names: Whether gym bag, cup, pens or stamp - is the own name on it, the child usually makes a very special reference to the subject. In addition, gifts with names are also simply practical: So the gym bag can be assigned directly, if something is lost at school!
  • Books to design: Passing books and poetry albums around at school is fun - and above all, they are a wonderful memory!
  • Educational games: Playing is the greatest thing for many children! Especially educational games are therefore useful gifts for school enrollment. With learning games , the child learns with ease - without compulsion.
  • Savingsboxes: Every child has larger or smaller dreams. It is especially proud when you can fulfill your dreams yourself! Savings can be made in no time with a money-box at the beginning of the school year : pocket-money is thus stored directly in one place.
  • Utensils for the desk: The best gifts are the schoolchild really need! These include pens and pen box , writing pads, stationery, fountain pen , lunch box and bottle , desk pad or even the first own wristwatch.

What comes in the school bag?

On the school bag , the children are looking forward to enrolling! Here everything comes in, which sweetens the boys and girls the beginning of school: sweets, snacks and small gifts .

Beautiful ideas that fit comfortably between the delicacies are, for example:

  • Funny erasers
  • gummitwist
  • Skipping rope
  • bookmark
  • pencils
  • fancy buttons
  • alphabetic

Here you will find beautiful inspiration and instructions on the subject of making school bag . And here we have more ideas for the school start for you.

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