Greta Silver in the podcast: “Nobody needs to be lonely”

Four out of five people sometimes feel lonely. What helps against the feeling of being completely alone? Greta and Doris seek answers and give valuable tips on how to get out of loneliness.

Loneliness can eat you up inside: every now and then we all experience the feeling that nobody is there for us. But is there a difference between loneliness and loneliness? Greta Silver says: Yes! She says, “Being alone is something precious, but you are always lonely when it hurts!”

But how can we defeat loneliness and leave it behind? In the podcast, Greta Silver and boss Doris Brückner get to the bottom of the question and find out that nobody has to be lonely: “It’s our life, we have the key in our hands – nobody comes to us says ‘I’ll get you out of solitude now’. “

For those who are lonely at the moment or who can understand the feeling of loneliness well, they have very specific tips in store.

Here you can listen to the complete podcast episode for free:

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