Greta Silver in the podcast: “This is the ideal time for a new life”

Can you just restart your life and then dare something completely new when you’ve been stuck in the saddle of life for a long time? Greta and Doris get to the bottom of the question – and find a clear answer!

A divorce after the 25th wedding anniversary, a job change after many years in the company or the children are now grown and out of the house – in our lives, there are many times for a restart.

But how do we manage to take the “second chance” and get the best out of it? How do you get started and can I risk something again? These questions and the answers illuminate bestselling author Greta Silver and editor-in-chief Doris Brückner in the first episode of her podcast “Being happy is a decision”.

Greta Silver is sure that life with experience will be easier and easier to master: “We have life-know-how, we know how life works and we live stress-free, it’s the ideal time to restart.”

Here you can listen to the complete podcast episode for free:

The Greta Silver podcast “Happiness is a Decision” appears every second Wednesday on Audio Now and on all popular podcast portals.

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