Gütersloh: Top father of the year appointed – is it still possible?

A man is named the grandfather of the year and receives 5,000 euros in prize money. BRIGITTE.de editor Katrin Otrzonsek considers it a slap in the face of all mothers. She is not alone with the opinion.

In Gütersloh, North Rhine-Westphalia, there is the large bakery Mestemacher . This has the great plan to reward fathers for looking after their children. So far, so supportive.

In order to achieve this goal, those responsible have come up with a prize: “Top Father of the Year.” This is endowed with 5,000 euros and has been awarded for 14 years now. This time, the award goes to Daniel Eich (36) from Königswinter, which he received last Friday, on World Women’s Day. Patron is none other than our Federal Family Minister Franziska Giffey (SPD).

This year, the award ceremony causes great indignation. The reason is obvious, if you take a closer look at the general conditions.

Woman does something phenomenal – honored her husband

Daniel Eich is married to astronaut dr. Insa Thiele-Eich. The 35-year-old wrote a doctoral thesis on “Effects of climate change on Bangladesh”, is a qualified meteorologist, scientific coordinator at the Meteorological Institute of the University of Bonn and is scheduled to fly to the ISS in 2020 as the first German astronaut on a research mission. In between, she has given birth to three children.

In summary, this means: woman does something phenomenal, her husband is awarded for it. I’m sorry, but: strangle kotz. Or expressed in the words of a Twitter user:

I read this message again and again and still can not believe it. Put in a nutshell, this message could also read: Man does as a father what women have done as mothers for centuries and is celebrated for it and rewarded with 5,000 euros.

Is that black humor? A bad joke? Is it perhaps a message from the satirical magazine Postillon ? Unfortunately, no. It is our reality, the image of the German society in the year 2019. It is a proof that we are still far, far away from genuine equal rights .

Another voice from the net brings the logical consequence of this award to the point:

Unfortunately, this is just wishful thinking – after all, women are expected to look after the children. If a woman goes on parental leave, it is taken for granted that there is no need for any additional reward, remuneration or honor.

On the contrary, women who have children often end up in old-age poverty because of years of financial loss to their children. Through the bank mothers are exposed to a double burden of work and motherhood. What do you get for it? If they are lucky, a few admirable words. If they are unlucky, only pity and disadvantages in professional life.

Only pity and disadvantages in professional life

What the hell gets a man who takes care of his own children for a year, so now an award? With what right are you entitled to € 5,000 reward? Why is he hailed for a feat that will make millions of women globally for generations to come?

The Westfalen Blatt puts it this way: “Make breakfast, make sure that the little ones in the kindergarten and to come to school, shopping, cooking, run the household and above all: Organize.If the top father reports on his daily work, it differs not from a lacy mother. “

A slap in the face of all women

The original intention of the award in all honor – because of course it should be supported, if men care more about the parenting, but: This price is simply outrageous. It is a slap in the face of all women who have taken parental leave for at least a year. It is an exposure, degradation and audacity to generations of women who have taken care of the children’s education. In my eyes, what happened in Gütersloh is a humiliation of all mothers.

The only thing that cheers me up is the humor of some critics. Twitter user Anna Aridzanjen writes about:

Man gets 5,000 euros, because he shares the housework with his wife

For those who are now wondering which “Thorben” is mentioned here: It gets even thicker. The award for “Top Father of the Year” got not only the astronaut-spouse, but also a certain Thorben Hinsche. With what did he deserve the honor? Well, he shares the housework with his wife Laura. No joke.

Thorben also gets the honorary title and 5,000 euros for it. And his wife Laura, who shares the housework with him ? Of course, she runs out of money – although she performs exactly the same activities as her husband. Parallels to German society, in which women are usually paid less for the same performance that men perform, are unfortunately clearly recognizable.

Who is behind the grotesque prize

My rage becomes sadness as I realize who has brought this prize to life. Because it is by no means a man, as one might easily think, but the boss of the bakery Mestemacher:

Prof. Dr. Ulrike Detmers (62), entrepreneur, economics professor, women’s rights activist, first president of the Association of German Bakeries, winner of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany (2008), mother of two and three-times grandmother. In short: a fascinating, strong woman who stands for the women’s quota and equal opportunities.

Dear Mrs. Prof. Dr. med. Detmers: Please continue to promote equal rights between women and men, mothers and fathers. But please, please, please: Lose the focus on the “good” men, the women not out of sight!

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