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What successful women do to succeed? Good question! You can find 10 typical habits of successful women in our gallery.

Successful women appreciate their life and their success and enjoy every beautiful moment. They are proud of themselves and what they can achieve!

Successful women are aware of their own (at least medium term) goals and are considering strategies to reach them. They plan and lead their lives very consciously.

Successful women know that they do not always do everything on their own. Therefore they seek accomplices and accept help.

No one can ever be perfect and pump through everything – not even a successful woman. And instead of trying something that can not succeed, successful women allow for weaknesses and treat themselves to moments or days when they just let themselves go. A Sunday afternoon with Netflix and pizza on the couch? Gives strength to a successful woman to re-energize on Monday!

Successful women have understood that a simple change of perspective can sometimes solve the most difficult problems. That’s why they regularly take their time to get out of their everyday lives and to look at their lives with some distance.

Just hang around with girlfriends, laugh at silly things and forget all worries, goals and challenges for a moment – do it well! Successful women do not stiffen themselves constantly on the “important” things in life, but like to enjoy fun-time with girlfriends. Because that too makes them strong and self-confident.

Stay awake and then not get out of bed the next morning? For successful women at most an exception! They value a healthy and stable sleep rhythm. The result: Mostly in the morning it is very easy for them to get up early and then start the day fresh, well rested and elated.

Fictional characters, influencers, stars, secret heroines – successful women look curious and open in society and are always looking for role models and inspiration. However, they would never emulate anyone or copy others. They see their environment as an enrichment and complement to their own ideas and ideas.

Sometimes successful women do it easy – nothing! After all, they do not always need other people to “do something” to themselves. Successful women take time to calm down and feel what’s going on inside themselves.

Balanced nutrition, regular exercise, sufficient time for infections – their health is a top priority for successful women. They pay attention to their body and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Therefore every now and then a pizza, a piece of chocolate cake or a few glasses of wine are no problem at all.

When it comes to success, most people probably first think about their job and career: whoever is successful, earns above-average money, occupies a leading position and rarely fails. Or we combine success with some form of competition: The winner, who prevails against her competitors, is obviously successful. Either way, success is measurable, clearly and clearly defined and recognizable from the outside.

But is it really that easy?

After all, we know, for example, that not a few professional high-flyers invest so much time and energy in their careers that their lives leave little room for other things (family, love, self-development). And then their “success” or what they have done for them may one day make them unhappy. Also, who constantly exposes himself to a competition and measures with others runs the risk of overlooking himself – and ultimately even losing …

Success has many faces

So, if success is something positive, it can not be that easy ! And that’s no wonder.

Terms such as happiness, success and contentment are difficult to define for all people, because we are all different . For some, success means founding a large family and raising happy children, another is successful when you can dream of traveling, running a marathon or just taking the lead in a large company.

Generally speaking, success is more about finding out what your personal goals and priorities are (and that includes Trial and Error! ), dedicating one’s life to it and being happy at the same time – and already on the way, not just at the finish. Anyone who succeeds in such a way has always won on the whole line.

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