Happy relationship: That's what you recognize!

A happy relationship? Who would say no to that ?! What constitutes a harmonious partnership and how you recognize it, you will find here. 1018In front happy with each other or not: Once they had the yes-word, they usually stayed together, a back did not exist in most cases. In some cultures this is still true today. 32768 (*): Single, Partnership, Marriage, , love triangle, Platonic Love 32790 Would not it be rather absurd to stay in a relationship that is not happy …? 1500 4369

Little problem: It's not so easy to see if we're having a happy or messed up relationship. there are no instructions or drawings of how they should look like While some couples z. For example, they spend almost every spare minute together, others even live on different continents – and both can be completely happy with their respective life and couple situation. That some people remain in unhappy partnerships – because who gives you the guarantee that something else would be better? We can not give them either, but at least we have six characteristics or prerequisites that characterize a happy relationship. If they do not remind you so much of your own partnership: Maybe you can go deep into it … 1008

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6 characteristics that make for a happy relationship 1014

1. A happy relationship gives stability and stability. 1013

In a happy relationship the partners strengthen each other Tough day at the office? Difficult phase with the parents? Ill? Whoever is in a happy relationship, must not be guaranteed by something like this alone! In good times, a happy partnership strengthens self-confidence and courage, in difficult phases it gives strength to persevere.

. 2 A happy relationship leaves room for freedom. 1011

In a happy relationship, none of the partners feel constrained, committed to or dependent on the other Both can develop freely and preserve their independent personality. Be it different hobbies, circles of friends or individual career goals, a happy partnership leaves room for areas in which each person can “do their thing.” 11372404

. 3 A happy relationship grows with challenges. 1014 1011 has found true love Happy relationships are strengthened by crises , because difficult times and conflicts show the partners what they have in common and that they can always rely on each other. 11488034



. 4 In a happy relationship, communication is open and attentive. , d. H. essentially the communication. Happy couples talk about their feelings so they can interact and understand each other . Even if they quarrel (and they do!), They remain respectful and will neither be gross nor hurtful. 940. 5 A happy relationship is based on respect. They support one another in their decisions (even if they disagree) . Moreover, happy couples never forget the time of getting to know each other and their initial infatuation. Therefore, they are always able to see the other as they have perceived it in the beginning – through the pink glasses.

. 6 In a happy relationship, compromises are made. 1010 – and in a happy relationship realized the BOTH partner. Not every conflict in a partnership can be solved in such a way that both interests are considered equally. (*).

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