He does not want to marry? You can do that!

You know, HE is the man for life. But he refuses to step with you in front of the altar. So you handle the situation correctly.

Have you always dreamed of marrying your dream man in a white dress? All your loved ones are there: your parents, siblings, best friends … together you celebrate what is most important to you in life – love!

But it does not seem like the dream of a wedding ever comes true, because your friend is not a fan of the marriage and he keeps coming up with new arguments against the Alliance for Life. “It’s not up-to-date anymore”, “Just because everyone marries does not mean we have to!”, “We do not have to wear a wedding band to love each other”, “A wedding is just for no reason …” . You probably already heard these sentences more than once.

So what if you have found the right person, but he just does not want to give you the yes-word?

He does not want to marry – that can change!

First of all, you should make clear to you: Just because he now does not want to come down the aisle does not mean that he can not change his mind. So give him some time to deal with the topic of wedding. Of course, this presupposes that you speak of your desire to marry, openly and do not wait tacitly and desperately for his request.

Have good arguments for the marriage

He does not want to marry because he can grow old with you like that? If that is not an empty claim and you really are the woman of his life, then he does not fundamentally object to marriage. It only means extra work for him, which he probably only wants to do, if he also sees advantages in it. You can show him wonderful.

Tell him what will change positively when you enter into marriage. From the fulfillment of your dream to tax relief. The important thing is: you should not persuade anyone to a wedding. If you feel that you can not really convince him, marriage will not be a good star.

Ask yourself – why do you want to marry?

He does not want to marry partout? Then there is hardly anything to turn. Ask yourself: what is your motivation to marry? Is this the celebration you would like to have? The dress you want to wear? The romantic idea behind it or rather the tax savings? Maybe the basic need can somehow be satisfied otherwise. For example, by celebrating your birthday together with all Pi Pa Po. Or, by taking another austerity measure?

Take the initiative

He just does not ask, but basically he’s never said anything negative about a wedding? Then dare and make an application. Who says that men always have to go to their knees? Welcome to the 21st century!

He does not want to marry – do I have to part now?

Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself: Is marrying so important to you that you would give up your relationship for it? Some women are so lost in the idea of ​​marrying that they do not even see what they already have: a great friend who loves them and wants to grow old with them. In that case, consider it: would I be happier with another man marrying me?

However, do you feel that your friend is always making excuses, but in fact he’s not planning to spend his life with you, then it’s really time to pull the emergency brake. Likewise, if you do not want to give up the dream of a wedding. Marrying is also a model of life – and if that is your top priority, but your partner balks, you will always face conflicts again.

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