Help for Desperate Children Souls: How “Ankerland” helps traumatized children and adolescents

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Because time does not heal all wounds : A therapy center in Hamburg helps children and adolescents who are severely traumatized by accidents, violence, abuse or the death of relatives. From the dossier “ Part of my heart is missing: how children deal with loss and grief and what helps them

A little girl was sexually abused. A refugee boy was tortured. One 648 – Year-old has lost his father due to a heart attack. After that, he was barely able to participate in life.

Children who have suffered psychological injuries from such bad experiences urgently need therapeutic help. A place where they get this help is the trauma therapy center of the “ anchor country e. V. ” in Hamburg.

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The traumatic stress under which the children have suffered, also through speaking and thus remembering the trauma traumatic event can be triggered again led in the brain to “switch on” a kind of “emergency program”, posttraumatic stress disorder and chronic form of “stress disease”.

This “emergency program Head “puts the body into a stress mode so that he is optimally prepared for flight and fight in the face of death. For example, the children and adolescents find themselves in aggressive disarray. This emergency program can not be turned off in two weeks.

However, the children can learn how to influence perturbations. One could say that the children learn to grab the bull by the horns.

Furthermore, art, music or body therapy can help to express the unspeakable without words and to further process where language does not continue or even causes obstacles. One of the ways in which these forms of therapy are to bring out the horrors that children have experienced without the severity of this horror overwhelming the children again.

Are there special treatments or rituals for young people who are suffering from the loss of a loved one, such as the adolescent who has a heart attack from his father lost?

Of course, we can not take away their destiny for young people who mourn the loss of a loved one. These people who have lost them will be missed for life. For this young man, whose father has died, the loss of his father will always remain a life theme. There is no father who is proud. The father who plans with him what one could do in life. The father, with whom one drinks his first beer, the father, the man introduces his girlfriend

To catch young people in such a difficult time, it needs good people, they are loving and attentive support and accompany. Life may be a bit straighter. But what precisely is often enables ever not only the life and participation in social, professional and social life, but this prevents post-traumatic stress disorders, which we treat here in the center are.

Ankerland e.V. The Ankerland Therapy Center gives children and young people who have lost their grip in life, security, security and self-confidence – and thus strengthen their future. 793
Dr. med. Andreas Krüger 9056

Why is it so important for such traumatized children 24515 promptly to help?

The consequences of psychological trauma in children and adolescents can be very complex. Without special treatment, it can lead to the failure of the entire development, such as poor performance in school, dropout, drug use and suicide attempts. Children who have become victims of violence can also become perpetrators themselves. So the trauma is passed on from generation to generation. Studies have also shown that mental stress also makes you physically ill. For example, people with trauma experience cancer, heart attack, diabetes, and asthma more frequently. If we treat trauma therapeutically early, we can prevent or at least drastically reduce the consequential damage.

There are also many established therapists and hospitals. Why does a house like the Ankerland Center need it?

Most children who have experienced such horrors suffer from severe complex sequential trauma and attachment disorder. You can not cure that in a few weeks or months at the clinic. Children like Luisa and Jamal will have to be cared for for years, if possible close to the habitat.

The care system is estimated at 5 000 to 10. 000 traumatized in Hamburg alone children and young people “only” with a so-called “simple” post-traumatic stress disorder per year in terms of treatment places, time, budget and the corresponding psychological trauma Know-how about requires

Therefore, the idea came to me -. in the various therapeutic disciplines tailored to the treatment of severely traumatized young people a therapy center with multi-professional team, individual one-on-one contacts – without time limit.

Is self-help possible in the case of a mental trauma?

Yes, for example through literature. I have written on the subject of self-help with mental trauma some books for accompanying adults – Professional and amateurs – especially ( “first aid for traumatized children” and two books on trauma self-help for young people “PowerBook – First Aid for the Soul” and ” Powerbook special. More trauma self-help for the soul “). In it I let young people speak anonymously. With Powerbooks, sufferers can better understand their traumatic experiences and their effects; They gain self-confidence and eventually realize: 'I am completely normal – what I had to experience is crazy!' Of course, the books can not replace targeted trauma therapy.

How is Ankerland e. V.? What do the children pay for?

The children and caregivers do not pay anything. Anchor country e. V. is completely financed by donations and foundation funds and other benefits. By way of example, we want to present optimal care for these patients. Our good example is to make school. Until health insurance companies and public financers take over the financing, we depend on this valuable support.

If I want to support the project as an outsider – what possibilities are there?

Anchoring Land actively helps us a lot. I can also get involved by offering volunteer work, though I would say this probably does not mean that I will have contact with children. And of course every small and large donation helps us – once or regularly!

The treatment capacities of the center are limited. Do you also provide assistance for the children to whom you can not currently offer a treatment place?

Yes, among other things for these cases we have the trauma information Center built. We would like to provide pioneering information in a timely manner, because traumatized children and adolescents as well as their social environment need help as quickly as possible. About the Trauma Info Phone ((*) – () (*) () (*)) receive the call he direct information z. This includes, for example, suitable treatment and therapy offers, help and support options, authorities and emergency services, clinics, institutes, professional associations as well as further offers in Hamburg and elsewhere. Our counseling center offers limited support to affected caregivers and professionals.

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Do you want the work of the association Ankerland e. V. support? Lots of information on how to help the club can be found here: 6377

Dr. med. Andreas Krüger is the medical director of “Ankerland eV”

The anchor country: This is how the club's building looks like in Hamburg

In this room Music therapy takes place in Ankerland.

Another picture from music therapy.

Guitars are also used in music therapy.

A matruschka can also be part of the music therapy.

This is the space for body therapy.

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