Hiking with children: tips and tours

A nice hike with the little ones? And whether! We show you how to motivate your little ones and what goals are suitable for children.

Hach, how beautiful it is in nature! The mountains, the sea or just green landscapes. But for children, the beauty of Mother Earth is not really exciting, the little explorers usually need more than green meadows to get excited about hiking. So that the little ones stay on the ball, we have some tips ready and interesting tour ideas for families together.

Hiking with children: tips for planning

The best travel time for hiking in summer starts in April or May and goes until October. It requires a walk with children in advance of some planning. What you should have in mind before:

  • Children from about 4 years can already join a small tour , before that the child should, for. B. in a baby carrier, or at least over long distances. But: run around at the latest during the breaks and let play.
  • Plan short stretches and many breaks ! Your children will be exhausted faster than you, so be generous with the timing.
  • As a guide, you can remember: Specified walking time x 2 . That is, if a walking time of 1.5 hours is given, you should count on about three hours. Children tend to stop every now and then, to discover things, to look up, to romp – and of course they are not as fast as adults anyway.
  • How many miles does a child make? As a rough guide, the German Hiking Association names: age x 1.5 . So: A 5-year-old manages about 7.5 kilometers.
  • And: If you walk with smaller children, pay attention to the route that z. B. no steep walls or the like must be taken. Even trekking is not a good option, the stamina and sure-footedness is not given depending on the age.

Hiking with children: 4 tips for motivation

  1. Children are curious and right explorers! Circular routes are more exciting , because there is always something new to discover and it is not the same route as on the way there.
  2. In the meantime the child experiences total discomfort , in any case take with him the favorite toy or something to snack on – or something that lifts the mood again!
  3. There are also plenty of games that can be played on a hike with family or friends. Think about a few in advance! This can be a search game (“Who discovers an anthill first?”) Or classic games like word chains or “I pack my suitcase”.
  4. Very important: a goal ! Just hiking is rather boring for children. In addition to games motivates an exciting goal. This can be a bathing lake, a castle or an adventure playground – so it remains interesting in any case.

Hiking with children: 5 ideas for tours with the little ones

To keep children from getting bored while hiking, they need a lot to discover, touch, try out and experience! We have some ideas for you.

Pidinger bee way in Berchtesgaden

It’s more of a walk than a hike, but especially if you have not been hiking with kids, you should start small. The Pidinger Bee Trail invites you to learn more about bees and their conservation. During a guided tour (on request) there is also the possibility to watch the bees working in the hive ! Interesting, of course, for adults.

Length of the trail about 1.2 km

Saxon Switzerland

The Saxon Switzerland offers especially for smaller children great opportunities for hiking. In particular, short day tours offer here, as the fairy tale path : An idyllic tour of about 5 km, which is passable with a stroller ! The Luchsweg can also be run in about an hour, on which information on lynxes, but real lynx, can be found!

Fairy tale path: distance approx. 5 km

Luchsweg: distance about 2.3 km

Alperlebnispfad Imberg im Allgäu

The circuit in the Westallgäu starts at the mountain station Imbergbahn, leads through the Lanzenbachtal and the moor. There are about 47 stations along the route, where young and old can experience the region, observe animals, milk (no real cows 😉) or climb . If the total distance is too long, you can also make shortened routes of 5.3 or 2.3 km.

Distance about 6.3 km

Zauberweg on the Hasenhorn in the Hochschwarzwald

The magic trail on the Hasenhorn is a short story told by two gnomes. For children there are play stations and interesting sculptures to admire, in the end you may find the magic stone …

Distance 6.9 km

Bears in the Bavarian Forest

The Bear Trail is all about – of course – bears. In addition to information boards on the route, the children can let off steam at play stations . At the end there is the highlight: the bear enclosure with real bears !

Total distance about 14 km

Here you will find even more tips for holidays with children , useful things for the holidays with children and clever saving tips for family holidays !

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