How does he fall in love with me? 5 unbeatable tips

Crush? Very nice! But now you ask yourself the question: how does he fall in love with ME? Do not worry, we’ll get it!

Butterflies in the stomach , shaky knees, mind circles around the same center: HIM! How does this man manage to always say the right thing to do and be so sweet and charming at the same time? Hach yes, be in love. So nice bittersweet

It gets rather bitter, but sweet, if the subject of our desire does not reciprocate the feelings of love. So what can we do to make him do it?

How does he fall in love with me? In his way!

Well, so first of all the bad news (which is actually also a good one): For humans there is no universal manual, neither for man nor for woman – and thus not for the relationship. Why do you fall in love ? How do women fall in love? How do men fall in love ? Who cares? Each person perceives himself, others and the world in his own way. Therefore (among other things) feelings are individual and different . No more than anyone else can dictate to you, how you see him and what you feel for him, you can manipulate others in this way.

Aaaaber: Increase the chance that the man or woman of your dreams falls in love with you, you can of course anyway . As? Let us tell you now!

How does he fall in love with me? The 5 best tips

1. Stay with you

As I said: You can not force anyone to show interest in you, after all, you can not look other people in the head or heart, or influence or change them. Try to think less about him and more about you (yes, we know, that’s hard, but you should just try it …). Do not ask yourself, for example, how he would like you, but how you would like to be. Try to become the person you fall in love with . You’re not going to go wrong with that – and if you think it’s great, you’ll end up putting it on sometime.

2. Give him a good feeling

Would you fall in love with a person in whose presence you feel uncomfortable? Maybe because it’s intrusive, closes itself to you, plays games, shows no interest or puts every word of yours on the gold scale? Probably not! Normally, we only fall in love with people we are comfortable with . In those who let us feel that they are genuinely interested in us and show us that we are important to them – without pressure and pressure. That’s what you should try if you want to conquer someone’s heart. Be as open as possible and show him that you want to get to know him – but always nice with peace and comfort.

Pro-Tip: The safest way for others to feel comfortable with you is to make sure you’re happy and even-tempered until t. When your life fills you and you have set it up the way it feels right for you, you radiate satisfaction and enthusiasm and your environment gets in a good mood. So , first of all, treat yourself well, then the rest will come all alone .

3. Keep your independence

The more you make your crush feel you need it and depend on your affection and sympathy, the less attractive you become to it. And all the more stressed and more he feels cornered by you. If you show him how independent and self-confident you are, he’s more likely to think, “Wow, what a cool woman – I could easily spend my time with him, and in the end I can even learn a few things from her … “At least, if he is smart! 😉

4. Do not make it so easy for him

Okay, that may be a bit confusing now, because your sweetheart (or your sweetie) should feel comfortable with you, but if we can rely on one, then it is that people can not have what they believe, NEVER want . Therefore, love, be open-minded and appreciative, yes, always on the spot and do everything for him, NO! Let z. For example, not everything stops and lies to answer him immediately when he writes to you. Do not say “yes!” on a date you do not feel like. It’s the way it is, almost all people tick the same: it feels better for us to win with a bet than to get something for free .

5. Friends with him

Maybe it sounds like a lazy compromise, but if he does not immediately fall in love with you head over heels, just give him his time and try friendship first . For a long-term healthy relationship friendship is a prerequisite anyway , says couple therapist Eric Hegmann , and maybe he just needs to know you better, so that more develops. However, it is important at this point: If you are “just” a friend for him, you should also “only” see him as a friend and keep his eyes open for others.

The thing is, for two people to be together, it has to be right for both – and it does not happen that often. In other words, even if you do everything right and win 90 percent of humanity for you, it’s possible that the one for whom your heart beats loudest is not interested in you. But if you stayed with her, kept your independence, made him feel good and so on, then your efforts were not in vain! 😘

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