How does the vagina change at the age of 20, 30 and 40?

Presented in co-presentation of Our body looks different over time, including the vagina. But what does that mean for our sexuality? An overview. It is very clear that our body changes in the course of our lives. We get wrinkles on the face, thinner hair and often a few pounds more on the hips. No problem, after all, that's completely normal. Our sex organ also changes over time. Why not? We explain how this happens. By the way: The vagina does not mean the outer genitals. These – the inner and outer labia and the clitoris – are called vulva. The vagina is the inner area, ie the eight to 12 centimeters, which connects the vulva with the cervix. In our review, we refer to both the vagina and the vulva. The vagina at age 20 The vagina and vulva are fully developed after puberty. The vulva is still very tight, just as the skin of a 20-year-old is very firm. Only over the years does the ductility change. Nevertheless, even at this age, no vagina is like the other. Whether the outer labia covers the inner, is different for each woman and makes up the special variety and beauty of nature aus.Die vagina with 30 yearsThe elasticity of the outer and inner labia minors. In addition, they can turn darker. However, the changes are particularly great in women who have children. During pregnancy, the vagina and vulva are more supplied with blood and expand. Some women also report that they are more in the mood for sex. The female sexual organ is slightly bluish in this time, the surface velvety. After the birth she shrinks again. The fear of being “too far” for the penis of the partner is unfounded (regardless of the size and length of the penis!) The vagina is elastic like a rubber band and retracts again. Pelvic floor training also helps to regain the old shape. The vagina at the age of 40 Between mid-40s and 50s, many women are menopausal. During this time, the secretion of the hormone estrogen is reduced. This may – but not necessarily in all women – result in the vaginal skin becoming thinner and more sensitive. Just as men may experience erection problems in the second half of life, women may produce less vaginal fluid in sexual arousal. All this can cause pain during sex. Still, you do not have to be afraid of it. Women can still get wet with a longer and loving foreplay, if necessary, a vaginal cream will help. It is important that the men understand what changes during menopause during menopause. Then the lust for sex does not sink! A high on our vagina! Cosmetic surgery in the genital area are in vogue. Many women go under the knife because they do not find their vagina or vulva beautiful. For example, some women want their labia to completely cover the clitoris, or they want to make their inner labia smaller. A questionable trend, because is not it the diversity that makes up beauty? This project shows wonderfully how different (and beautiful!) Women are in the genital area – no matter the age! Read Also Vaginas look so different Video recommendation:

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