“How important is beauty to you?” Tell three generations

Is it important for you to look good, or do you have other priorities? We asked three women of different ages.

Our series: “3 generations tell”

In the editorial department, we regularly discuss topics that move us and concern ourselves – about dating, love, parents, beauty, the meaning of life or about our relationship to the job. It is always noticeable that the different generations that are represented in our editorial staff tick differently.

That’s why we created the series “Three Generations Telling” in which women from the Brigitte cosmos have their say. It pays to keep looking back!

This time, we asked three women, “How important is beauty to you?”

Célin (23): Personality is just as important to me

How important beauty is to me is hard to say. If I fix that in the morning in the bathroom, then good looks do not seem to matter so much to me – 15 minutes are enough for me. But when I pin this down to the time I spend on my Instagram photos, good looks suddenly seem to be very important to me. Is that due to the broader mass of viewers? Or is it because I want to keep up with the other supposedly perfect girls and women on Instagram? Finally, one is reduced to the platform on his appearance, the character is barely visible. All the more beautiful I find that in the “real” life is not quite so. Because my personality and charisma are at least as important to me as my appearance.

Katrin (30): Why invest in something that is transient?

As a teenager, I spent hours getting ready before I went to party with my girlfriends or had a date. Over the years, my priorities have shifted, and I stand in the morning just 15 minutes in front of the mirror. I think much less about what others think of me – and focus more on my own well-being. Of course, I like to be chic when I go to the theater, an event or a fine restaurant. For everyday life, however, I get a bun, mascara and a comfortable outfit that carries me through the day. I use the time gained for sleeping, relaxing, hobbies and friendships. Why invest in something that is transient ?!

Christina (51): Beauty is not transient

What is beauty ? For me these are a positive charisma, charming peculiarities like dimples and a warm smile. But the classics – a good figure, beautiful hair and skin – are also important to me, and I never go out of the house completely unvarnished. I used to think that women over 50 were unattractive per se – today I am surprised to find that I do not find myself any more unsightly than in my wrinkle-free twenties. Is that due to a good deal of self-deception, to my presbyopia, thanks to which I see myself only vaguely up close, or to my gracious gaze that I have on myself today? No matter!

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