How is sex? Explained step by step

Not paying attention in sex education? And now you ask yourself: how is sex? Do not worry, we’ll be happy to help!

The first relationship, the first kiss, the first time – at the latest since many ask the question: How is sex actually? Some ask this question even to old age and after they have tried it several times … In any case: A more than legitimate question!

How is sex? Step 1: Mate choice

Classically, it is believed that at least two people are needed for sex. But even that is actually problematic and only a question of perspective and definition : is the key criterion that makes sex into sex, …

  • that a penis penetrates into a vagina?
  • that you have an orgasm?
  • that you lie in bed doing that?
  • or that love is involved?

Do not skin everything right. Finally, two women can have sex with each other through masturbation you get just as good an orgasm (or even better), sex while standing or on the beach is quite nice and if you have a one night stand, one loves the sex partners rarely ,

Conclusion: The choice of your sex partner is already completely up to you . Whether you opt for your boyfriend, your BFF, or yourself, sex is everything that feels right and good.

How is sex? Step 2: Foreplay

Once you have decided on a sexual partner, you can already start with the foreplay. This is there to get pleasure and get excited. The foreplay may include the following elements:

Such caresses – if at least two people are involved in sexual intercourse – create intimacy and also signal to our body: we have sex! It will then boost the production of various hormones and we will be humid below (at least in the ideal case – if not, lubrication will help in the next step!).

How is sex? Step 3: Highlight

Basically, compared to steps 1 and 2, it’s almost a bit unfair to refer to Step 3 as the highlight – because it’s often very important to decide on a sexual partner, and the foreplay is just great for women! But in Step 3, it’s an ideal way to orgasm, and anyone who has ever experienced one knows why it is most often attributed the title of climax: It is simply the ultimate satisfaction and a unique physical and psychological fulfillment .

Unfortunately, women are often much more likely to orgasm than men during sex, but the more you practice (as a woman) and the more often you make it, the easier it will be. Above all, it is important that the clitoris is properly stimulated, but the more erogenous zones come into play, the greater the desire.

Important! Since every woman is built differently, there is no universal recipe, which handles or movements optimally stimulate the clitoris . In order to find out what satisfies you best when engaging in sexual intercourse, you should definitely experiment with your partner and try different sex positions (in our article you will find numerous inspirations including detailed instructions). Masturbation helps you get to know yourself and your needs and preferences better.

How is sex? Step 4: Cuddle ?!

After having been sexually active, you will probably need a few minutes to get back down. Your body must now first return to normal. Loving couples can use this time wonderfully to strengthen their bond: Immediately after sexual intercourse, the oxytocin level is increased. We gather experiences that we collect under the influence of this messenger substance, known as the cuddle hormone, as particularly intimate moments. (You can find more tips for after sex in our article.)

But if you have an ONS, you may not want to cuddle it up – otherwise feelings will be aroused at the end, where not even some should sleep …

You want to know more? Fits well, because there is so much more to say about sex! Look z. For example, in our interview with sixx sex expert Paula Lambert . In it she reveals, among other things, what is THE prerequisite for good sex. We’ve also put together a few simple tips that can dramatically improve your sex life , and here’s what you can do to make sure you only have one sex mistake once.

If that still is not enough for you and you would like to exchange ideas with others, have a look at our community !

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