Hungry for life: That's how you always stay curious

In the current episode of the Greta Silver podcast “Being happy is a decision” on is about our curiosity and hunger for life.

When did we stop being curious? And where is our hunger for life, the desire for what awaits us? Bestselling author Greta Silver gets to the bottom of the question with editor-in-chief Doris Brückner – the current podcast episode is all about curiosity.

“In conversations with good acquaintances, I often feel that I already know what the other wants to say and no longer ask,” says Greta Silver. The result: we no longer ask our counterpart, because we are simply no longer curious.

The other side of the coin portrays a reader from the BRIGITTE community: “My partner always wants to try something new – I find that exhausting!” So what if our curiosity annoys us? This question is followed by Greta and Doris .

Here you can listen to the complete podcast episode for free:

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