“I am neither man nor woman – I am both”

Alexander Hölzl (41) does not associate with either of the two common sexes – and experiences this as a great freedom.

Hölzl does not change gender when he dresses up as a woman, it is part of his identity: “I am not a transvestite or crossdresser, because I feel no fetish and no erotic feelings, I do not glorify feminine clothing and do not slip even temporarily into one female role. “

Armed: Alexander Hölzl in a role as an actor. Privately, he has a gun license and is the proud owner of a Colt collection.

“If you look into the past,” says Hölzl, “it is not so long ago that pink and red were typically masculine colors and the male sex was made up or wore the most beautiful clothes and shoes, but that’s just not the reason It was a sign of power and strength. “

The father of three children is also athletic on the road, passionate jeep driver and mountain biker.

He puts on what he likes, sometimes skirts, sometimes pants – a freedom that men are actually denied.

Hölz shops in women’s and men’s departments.

The 41-year-old has fun with make-up – and wonders why this privilege should be reserved only for women.

Hölzl also likes to paint his nails.

The Austrian enjoys being able to act as a man and as a woman without attracting attention.

Because his body is naturally supplied with estrogen, Hölzl also has a female breast.

The gender activist is committed to people who do not want to submit to the binaries of the sexes.

Hölz is engaged – and also has “typically male” preferences like crickets, cars and weapons.

Freedom: Hölzl passes easily as a woman and as a man

Unlike “typical men,” Alexander Hölzl’s estrogen receptors remained intact during puberty, causing his body to be more feminine and less hairy. For a long time he tried to train this optics away. Today he is happy because he can easily act as a man and a woman.

The 41-year-old Austrian is attracted to what suits him and what he likes – no matter if it comes from the women’s or men’s section. “Body shape dictates my clothes, not gender,” says the director, producer and actor.

Equality is more than the gender pay gap – it starts with elementary things of everyday life like the free choice of clothing.

Already in his childhood Hölzl understood himself better with girls than with boys. Instead of football, he was more interested in artistic things, fashion and cosmetics.

Hölzl criticizes that only women are allowed to be “creative, emotional and crazy”, whereas a man has to be strong and act rationally. But in every human being there were female as well as male parts. Women are allowed to live them out – after all, they wear trousers and skirts, long or short hair, make-up or not. Previously, Hölzl had the feeling: “Everything that I enjoy seems to be reserved for the female sex.” Today, the father of three children takes the liberty of living out his femininity and masculinity.

I stand by my femininity, because femininity should be nothing for what one would be ashamed of.

Hölzl has the courage to make-up as much as he pleases and put on whatever he wants. Why should that be an exclusive right of women? He is also concerned with the freedom that anyone can do what they want.

Hölzl is convinced that gender is not a binary, it is a spectrum. It is the “compulsive categorization” in “man” and “woman”, the drawer thinking and the imposed role models that make people associate with a single gender.

More about Alexander Hölzl can be found at www.facebook.com and www.instagram.com

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