“I want to beat them”: 12 tour guides confess what they really think 😝

What do tour guides really think when they show us their sights? In “Whisper” they chatted out of the sewing box.

Seen 1000 times, heard 1000 times

They lead us through glaciers through archaeological sites and old streets, show us crowded markets and stand with us in front of churches: For the guide it is often the thousandth time – and most of the tourists’ questions they have already heard at least 1000 times.

Nevertheless, they always stay friendly and friendly. But what do you really think about us? At ” Whisper ” tour guides have revealed how they see their customers. Here are 12 statements:

I do not go on vacation myself because I do not want to be like the people I work with.

I work in tourism and want to beat my customers and employees

I’m a tour guide on a boat and I often hear the question: “If you do it on a plane, it’s called ‘ Mile High Club ‘, what’s it called on the boat?”

It always amazes me that some people have no idea about their holiday destination. Why do you travel somewhere without knowing anything about the destination?

My job has meant that I hate anyone who does not speak English and half of those who speak it, too.

I can say with certainty that British and American tourists are the most rude, obnoxious and disrespectful people.

I have such a bad social phobia that every time my heart leaps in my pants when I have to talk to people I do not know.

Today I led a tour and a man stared at the WHOLE 40 MINUTES in the neckline. Fuck you, sir, fuck you!

I worked as a tour guide in Edinburgh and most of all Americans asked me, “How do I get from here to Big Ben?”

To look casual, I always have my coffee mug in my hand. There is apple juice in it.

It’s hard to be extroverted when you’re really introverted. When I’m done with the work, I just want to ignore the whole world.

The main reason why I work as a tour guide: I can tow tourists.

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