If a man really wants a woman, …

You want to know what it looks like when a man really wants a wife? We’ll tell you!

The man – the big mystery! Okay, women are usually just as hard to understand (especially for men 😅), after all, people are complicated . No wonder, with so many influences that (co-) determine our thinking and acting: memories, hormones, habits , feelings , thoughts, genes, social values, your own conscience … Who should still understand?

If a man really wants a woman, that influences his actions

But in some situations we all behave in a similar way . For example, if we love. True love is such a strong feeling, or such a strong commitment to a person, that they outperform other influences when it comes down to it.

The same goes for butterflies in the stomach . Feelings of love also make most men and women do similar things. Therefore, for example, we can often answer the question ” Is he in love with me? ” Relatively well. That’s why we can judge quite well whether a man really wants a woman – or just a night with her. And we should pay more attention to these signs.

If a man really wants a woman, …

1. … he shows it to her.

Self-confident men do not play games and do not let shyness slow them down . Because they know: life is too short to cry – and love too important! When a mature man is seriously interested in a woman, he shows it to her. For example through …

  • compliments
  • Invitations
  • reliability
  • Frequent contact
  • to flirt
  • smile
  • looks
  • Love letters
  • romance
  • Disinterested in other women

Yes, it may be intrusive for some. But would not we also try to help someone if he cares about us?

2. … he wants to protect her.

When a person loves another person, his well-being is more important to him than his own . The idea of ​​protecting a woman gives many men self-confidence, they feel strong, used and good.

3. … he never gets enough of her.

A self-confident man who truly loves and wants a woman will insist on his freedom and his own identity – but of all people, for him, the person he wants to spend his life with is his top priority . She is more important to him than his friends, more important than his ego, more important than his reputation. She and her relationship with her is his main source of power – how could he ever get enough of it?

4. … he has a lot of patience.

She needs more time to fall in love with him? Or to be sure? Typically, women often take a bit longer. But when a man really wants a wife, he gives her that time and waits . Sex, men who are interested in a relationship, usually not so fast. If you catch it on the first date, it often stays with a one-night stand. (Exceptions, of course, as always, the rule)

5. … he forgives her almost everything.

You may think, a false statement or an emotional overreaction from you and he loses interest and try it at the next. But if a man really wants a woman, even her weaknesses or missteps are no reason for him to give her up .

6. … he admires and strengthens her in her independence.

If men are about a woman and not about sex, it’s never just lust, but respect . The woman whom they see by their side, with whom they want a relationship, is something special for them , a human being from whom they also promise protection, love, advice and security . Therefore, men strengthen women who really want them, in their independence and self-love . Because that does not only do her partner good, but also them.

7. … he is tormented by the idea of ​​sharing it.

Japp, even a man has to occasionally fight his jealousy ! Hardly anyone feels good at the idea of ​​sharing their crush with anyone else and many react emotionally – at least when it comes to a relationship.

8. … he finds her beautiful the way she is.

Cellulite? A few pounds too much? Does not bother a man the bean, if he finds a woman really great. Not because he sees her through the pink glasses – it just does not matter to him. If a man really wants a woman, then the way she is . The way she got his interest . The way he fell in love with her. She has that certain something for him , this magical aura that is so much bigger and more important than tight skin or well-defined abs.

9. … he would fight for her.

Even if it is not easy for him to “conquer” his flock, for whatever reason , a man has decided on a woman, he fights for her with one hundred percent commitment . So if somebody fights for you, it’s worth thinking about whether or not you give him a chance. He really seems to want you .

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