If you can laugh about these things, you're probably very confident

Confident? Perfect! Because then you definitely have every reason to laugh! 😃

Self-esteem is a great thing. It helps to understand and follow one’s own feelings. It makes us calm and less to the left and right to see what the others are doing. And it causes us to laugh at things that would unsettle, shame or annoy us without self-confidence (and we’re really talking about real laughter, not the embarrassed laughter of one’s own insecurity!).

5 things that self-confident people can laugh about

1. Stupid approach

Sure, it’s always a matter of mood, whether one is amused by bad Anmachsprüche or annoyed by it. But in general, self-confident women tend to take it with humor when someone introduces them with the words, “Hey, I’m Ken, do you want to be my Barbie?” But to make that clear: With sexual harassment and strong intrusiveness, the fun stops – even for self-confident women!

Die schlimmsten Anmachsprüche aller Zeiten: Mann quatscht Frau in der Disko von der Seite an

2. A stupid insult

Anyone who insults others - instead of, for example, constructive criticism or give feedback - often wants to enhance themselves and compensate for their own lack of self-esteem. For self-confident people, insults are therefore usually no reason to be hurt or to feel bad. However, in this case, they are more likely to laugh in order not to further unsettle or provoke the other. Small limitation: If the insult comes from a very close and trusted person, usually self-confident people do not laugh about it.

3. Himself

Asked for the most obvious, not strapped a joke or locating Milan in Spain - no reason for self-confident people to be ashamed or to shoot fast after that they had maths course and not geography. After all, they realize that no one is perfect and that our weaknesses and missteps only make us loveable and human.

4. Defeats, plan changes and detours

Did not work out as expected? Well then just different or on to new shores! Self-confident people do not let themselves be thrown off track by a failure. For them defeats and borders are not obstacles, but orientation aids. And considering that many punch lines work precisely by letting the unexpected happen and surprise us, it even seems logical that self-confident people can perceive something weird in their failure ...

5. Jokes

Of course, self-confident people can also laugh at jokes when they meet their humor and do not hurt or blame anyone else. Seldom does it happen that self-confident people refer to a joke and feel carved into the pan. You know, laughter is good, and a bit of fun must be.

Admittedly , whether a person laughs at certain things or not is not just a question of self-confidence. Of course, many other factors such as humor, character or mood also play a role. However, if you have a healthy self-confidence, taking little things to heart and life is not more difficult than necessary - and therefore just has more energy left to laugh.

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