If you have these problems, you're probably very smart 🤷♀️

Intelligence is a gift? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! For some people, a high IQ can literally become a burden. Would you sign like that? Then you may also be familiar with these problems.

Many people think intelligence is a desirable property. Those who are cleverer are easier to get through and are more successful, so the general assessment. It is only clear to a few that it is difficult for exceptionally intelligent people to have a hard time. Do you know one of the following problems? Then you probably know from personal experience that a high IQ can be quite a challenge.

These problems speak for a high intelligence

1. You think more than you speak.

You are the calm one in the round, even if the conversation interests you burning? Group brainstorming ends in frustration because others voice your ideas while you still reflect them? No wonder! With every thought you always see a huge pile of context. In each of your reflections you directly relate different perspectives. And if it’s really stupid, then you also ask yourself the question of relevance. Until you have it all through, the others are already on the next topic. Or they just look at you with big eyes when you say something because of course they have not made all your thoughts and have no plan of what you’re actually talking about.

2nd You are a lousy Smalltalker.

Blablablabla – everybody talks, laughs, tells Schwanks about their lives and you keep asking yourself where the bus is? With the people who are interested ?! You just can not do anything with shallow topics and try to put them in a context where they have meaning while others are waiting for your reaction. So you pretend, pretend interest, improvise. Exhausting – and probably not just for you!

3. In the job you are always bored quickly.

Your brain constantly needs new challenges and projects, otherwise you lose interest. Once you learn something (which is usually pretty quick), it loses its appeal pretty quickly. You need variety, variety and variety in your job – and such a job is not so easy to find, unfortunately …

4. You have a hard time with decisions.

Do you envy people who can make decisions spontaneously and out of the gut? On the other hand, do you see a lot of possibilities between which you have to decide? And then do you always play through all these variants in your head, with their consequences and conditions, and then spend a long time wondering which way is the best? Well, heartfelt condolences! And a small food for thought: Maybe the “meaning of life” is more likely to try out as much as possible and to learn from it, as possible to make everything “right” straight away. After all, nobody knows what is “right” anyway!

5. In a quarrel, you usually draw the short straw.

Your position is crystal clear, but you are still incredibly hard to stand up for and represent it – because you can easily understand the other positions as well! It’s maddening: with every argument that the other puts forward, you understand exactly where it comes from and what he means by that. You see, that it also has its justification and in the train of thought of your counterpart, you look for the point where you can come together. But if you have found him, the dispute is usually already over, the other one thinks himself in the right and you do not think it makes sense to boil the whole thing again.

6. You often have self-doubt.

Who is surprised? First of all, you are thinking about everything and everyone, of course about yourself as well. And secondly, you do not have a lot of positive feedback: For example, your great ideas, which you usually keep silent, or the decisions that you postpone until fate or others have met her. But you’re just as human as anyone and need social feedback to build your self-esteem.

Therefore: Find at least one or two people who have the same problems as you and talk to them or just spend time together. And: Do not make it so hard for you! You are worth no more and no less than everyone else. You have the right to make mistakes and to do or say something stupid, not completely thought-through. Even if it’s hard: Let’s ponder and risk something!

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