If you share these things with your partner, it could turn out evil

Sure, couples who are 100% confident should be able to share most of them. But does it really have to be everything? We think: Nope!

Feelings, thoughts, experiences, your own life story – always share with the partner! Most secrets go badly with relationships; after all, they are at least a burden on the secrets and are often indicative of a lack of trust. But does that mean we should share everything with our sweetheart? Not! With these things, there’s absolutely nothing against keeping them to themselves.

7 things you should not necessarily share with your partner

1. friends

Mondays he meets with your BFF, on Wednesdays you? Absurd idea! Of course, there is no reason to say that two people who have a relationship have mutual friends, on the contrary. It is even good if a couple has a circle of friends with whom it can do something, for example, as a couple, but in a group. But it is just as important to cultivate one’s own friendships, which provide support and social input in addition to the partnership.

2. Hobbies

Own hobbies are worth gold! Spend a bit of me-time, stay in touch with yourself – so important! Whoever does everything together with the partner and does not go his own way or has areas for himself runs the risk of becoming dependent and losing his or her own identity. And that’s good for neither you nor your relationship in the long run. Therefore, the same applies to hobbies and interests as to friends: to share a few is great, after all, similarities and shared experiences strengthen the bond. But a few things should both have as much as possible for themselves.

3. Criticism

His stomach could be flatter? His hairstyle more stylish? And he has a terrible laugh too? Keep it for yourself! With criticism, you should be sparing and reserved in a relationship, especially when it comes to things that the other person can not easily change or that unsettle him. Do you love him? Then his blemishes and weaknesses should not bother you, at least not so much that you need to them thematize. Plus, to help someone make the most of themselves, there are so many better and more charming ways than to criticize him!

4. Account

Granted, finances in the partnership are a very difficult issue and with separate accounts is certainly not every dispute prevented! However, there is a strong case for everyone to have at least their own account where they can, for example, save something and help themselves if they just want to buy something for themselves. Keyword independence true …

5. Passwords and PINs

Of course, there’s no point in telling your partner the code to unlock the phone, the password for the email account or the login details for online shopping, after all, ideally, he should not use it behind our backs anyway. On the other hand: what then speaks for it at all? Most of you already have enough passwords and PIN numbers that you have to remember, as well as those of your partner? Phew! And if you have changed your password for whatever reason and do not tell the other person, he suddenly becomes suspicious when he realizes it and so on. Seriously: Passwords and PINs to share, you can save in the relationship really confidently!

6. Secrets of the girlfriend

As much as you would like to talk with your partner about the problems of your BFF – please do not! How would you feel if your girlfriend shared your most intimate secrets with her sweetheart? Just! And there’s nothing more to it in the end.

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