If your partner does these things, you can be suspicious …

Trust is one of the most important prerequisites for a healthy relationship – but these behaviors of your partner may (rightly) shake you …

This often happens at the beginning of a relationship, when the butterflies flutter in the stomach and the pink glasses are still sitting on the nose. Our supposed dream man behaves conspicuously, somehow suspicious and our gut feeling tells us: Caution! But the butterflies flutter happily, pink-colored does not seem that bad and we do not think about it any further.

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It would be sensible and advantageous, especially in the early stages of a partnership, to pay attention to certain warning signals and to respond. Even at this stage, it is possible to see whether we can trust the other person over the long term and share our life with him - or not ...

8 warning signals that should make you skeptical in the first relationship phase

1. All his ex-girlfriends were terrible - he says

Does he always talk bad about his ex-partner and previous relationships? Seriously?! Not a happy memory? Then there is a high probability that it was at least a little bit on him ...

2. Brackets

If you do not see each other, he's writing to you all the time, but really wants to spend every free minute with you? Need for closeness, well and good, but who clings at the beginning and confines you, is probably neither his self nor his thing very safe - and if you do not necessarily want to play the therapist in your relationship, a rather inappropriate partner.

3. He is still in a relationship but wants to leave her for you

Your relationship started as an affair or affair? Then we have to tell you: Your chances are rather bad. Many foreigners, for example, use affairs to compensate for shortcomings in their relationship or because they are tempted by the adventure, not to finally find their true love . Especially if he tells you that he wants to end his partnership for you, but shifts it again and again, you better get out of the affair ...

4th full throttle

He is already planning the orga of your parental leave and urges you to move in with him, although you only know each other for a few weeks? But someone seems to be afraid that you will run away again - maybe with good reason ...?

5. He is just perfect

He always does everything right and is almost too great to be true? Then be at least careful! Sure, there are great people and when we're in love with someone, we think he's awesome. But no one is perfect and if you do not notice the slightest weakness in him, it could be that he is pretending something to you - and that would not be a good condition for a partnership.

6. Unreliability

He usually comes too late and puts you often? Then he either has too little respect for you or is a full-chaot - the former is a no-go, the latter could be at least tiring in the relationship ...

7. He compares you to his ex

You are much more down to earth than your ex? And he can talk to you better too? Even if they are compliments: your partner should see you as you, unique and loveable, and not compare to other women. If the comparison object is also his ex, it could be that he is not completely over them ...

8. Dominance behavior

He is jealous when talking to other men, trying to control you or dictating what you do or wear? Just pull the ripcord! Anyone who has ownership claims in the early stages of a relationship will not respect you as an independent human being later on - and is certainly not the partner to promote and support you in your self-development.

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