Im 8 months pregnant: Why I'm NOT going to baby shopping!

May I introduce myself? My name is Katrin, I’m 30 years old and pregnant for the first time. I know dozens of women who sink into the baby shopping jungle during pregnancy. For what?!

Everyone knows them: the things the world does not need. A particularly lucrative industry here seems to be the baby equipment. After all, who is easier to convince to buy useless things than pregnant women who (still) look uncertainly into the future as a first-mum?

I am fortunate that in my circle of friends and acquaintances one or the other woman has already become a mum and I was able to quietly observe how differently they treat their babies. There is no worse or better, just a “different.” The nice thing is that you can decide for yourself what you urgently need for your own baby and what not. After extensive discussions with the mums, I realized for myself that most of the stuff on the baby market will never end up in my flat!

I shudder at the uselessness of things!

When I look at baby accessories shops, I shudder at the uselessness of some things. There is a consumption-wahnnisnn in a mad jungle. Have you ever heard of a still light? Let the breastfeeding mom “provide orientation at night.” How does it look like? Like a reading lamp. Only means different. Does not need a human, but costs around ten euros. I hope the capitalist inventor of this “necessity” never comes to my eyes.

The same applies to changing table heaters. You did not know that there is such a thing and your children survived anyway? Could be because you do not need this “invention” in a normal-heated apartment – certainly not for the three minutes by changing his diaper for his child. Whereby we would be on the subject of diaper pails, which one can safely do without, as I have heard from many mothers.

Still-light, changing table heater, diaper bag

And no, I do not need an extra diaper bag for diapers, wet wipes, change clothes and Co.! Why not? Because it’s enough to use one of my spacious handbags to stow the necessary baby accessories on the go. What makes a diaper bag different from a conventional bag? Apparently the name alone.

Then there are all the Kontrolletti items, such as baby food warmer and bottle cooler, humidifier, room and bath thermometer. Of course you can follow the given recommendations exactly to the decimal place. Or you simply trust in your maternal intuition and watch your baby mindfully if it feels good. A strategy that works well for millennia and does not require any technology – look at one!

Consumer pyramid: transform, borrow, buy second hand

The benefits of the invented in the 15th century baby walkers, however, has been controversial for decades. It not only hinders the natural running of the children, but in my opinion one of the most senseless inventions since baby accessories. As if children would never learn to walk without this walker. Do not come to my house!

For me personally, I discovered the wonderful consumer pyramid. She recommends using first and foremost what you already have. If you do not have something, you should borrow it, if it takes longer, then buy secondhand. Only in exceptional cases, one should buy something new – and always have in mind how fast babies and toddlers grow.

Forgo things that vendors swear by

I will do without some things that some manufacturers swear by: I can do without a changing table, nursing pillow and babyphone. Instead, I put on changing mat, my arms and the listening range to my baby. I buy used bed and stroller used, I borrow the clothes for my tot from mothers with slightly older children, I’ll probably buy a new nursing bra.

This not only saves money but also time and nerves. Because these pseudo-inventions with their Pseude benefit go with properly against the grain. Especially in the first year of life, people are more interesting for a baby anyway than objects – and the attention and closeness to his baby more important than any product proposals in the world …

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