“I'm too depressed”: Mother wants to explain adoption in a letter to her child

This woman feels compelled to give up her baby – she is too bad to raise a child, she explains in a sad post on Reddit and asks for advice. She asks if she should write a letter to her child.

I am so depressed since my child’s father and I split up, I stay in bed for days and in my current condition I can not raise a baby “. With these sad words begins the message of the pregnant woman who writes anonymously in the Reddit forum , why she wants to release her baby after his birth for adoption.

She suffers from bipolar disorder and wishes for her baby “two loving parents and a happy, healthy home”. The father of the child also did not want to keep the baby, he did not want to have children. In a bipolar disorder is a mental illness, sufferers suffer from, among other things, manic and depressive mood swings. Next, the mother writes:

I think my baby deserves parents who want it and take care of it.

She also reports that she was with the child’s father for ten years and that she recently split up. After the birth of the child, she wanted to go to a psychiatric facility. She also wanted to be sterilized. “My biggest wish is to be normal someday.”

A letter for the adopted child?

The Reddit user now asks the expectant mother for advice: whether she should write a letter to her child to explain her reasons for the adoption?

Many users who answer her think the letter is a ” wonderful idea ” and pay respect to the woman’s decision, which is “certainly very difficult”.

A user writes: ” As someone who has been adopted and is now leading a great life (probably better than that I would have had, who knows), I would love to have such a letter that simply explains why Maybe it was about health risks for me?

A woman writes: ” As the mother of two adopted daughters, I can say that my daughters were very happy with such a letter, and I imagine that your child will be.

Another woman suggests that the mother write an e-mail address and password in the letter. Then over the years she could repeatedly write e-mails to her son and he could read those mails when he was ready. An idea that the mother finds very good.

Another user writes briefly: ” Yes, write this letter, he will have tons of questions and this letter will help.

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Keiner wollte sie adoptieren, doch dann kam er

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