In the “elephant position” you get the orgasm of your life

You know the doggy style, of course. But have you ever heard of the “elephant”? If not, here comes the guide.

Riding position, spoon, missionary position … have you tried everything, but does not bring you the ultimate kick? Then do it like the elephants ! What you need for it? Nothing – not even a man with a long trunk.

How does the elephant position work?

“The Elephant” is a position from the Kamasutra – and a real orgasm boost. Is actually quite simple: You lie down during sex on the stomach – your partner lies down in prone to you and penetrates from behind in you. The advantage: In this position, he can stimulate you particularly deeply – and also gets wonderfully to the G-spot. So the chance of an orgasm is very, very high! Even with a smaller penis you will experience maximum pleasure. Well, if that’s no reason to mutate immediately to the elephant …

Video Recommendation:

Der perfekte Orgasmus durch Beckenbodenübungen

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