Incredible birth records: These are the 12 most amazing babies in the world!

These birth records are really awesome! The heaviest baby in the world, the youngest dam of all time: These stories sound really incredible – and yet they are officially documented. The most exciting story: Click on the video and see how the Achtlings family is doing today!

The average German woman gets around 1 in her life, (*) Children. She is usually () Year old. The baby comes around () days to the world, weighs 2016 gram and is over in 1956% of cases Boy.

before, the child you have to give birth weighs full (*) kilo? Or imagine you are pregnant with tenlings? When it comes to births, exceptions more and more often confirm the rule – and especially these examples here, are just incredible:

The youngest mother in the world:


It's unbelievable, but true. Little Lina Peru was only five when she was a baby got. 1939 wondered her parents that Lina's belly was getting fatter. Doctors finally found out she was suffering from premature puberty and is pregnant.

Who's the father of the child has Lina who is today 81 years old, never betrayed. It is believed, however, that she was raped and impregnated by her own father. Because of this (besides her age), it is almost a miracle that her son was born completely healthy and without any restrictions. A bone disease cost Gerado ()

The oldest mother in the world:

The Indian always wanted a baby, yet her marriage remained (*) years childless. Only an artificial insemination in the year now biggest baby in the world:

Measures the height Anna Bates from the US state of Ohio 17 a boy to the world, the whopping 9, () was centimeters tall. Sadly, the child died eleven hours after his birth.

The heaviest baby in the world: 10768178 Admitted 9, 27 are already a force. An Italian could easily top that. 73 she brought a baby to the world that according to the Guinness Book of Records (*), 2 kilograms on the scales brought – poof!

The lightest baby in the world:

Things are different with the daughter of Rumaisa Rahman from the USA. At birth, the baby weighed just as much as a packet of butter.

The most motherfearing mother in the world:

Children are the most beautiful gift in the world - but also exhausting. But how will that happen when you (!!! What sounds completely unbelievable is actually happening, according to the Guinness Book of Records.

A Russian got in 27 Pregnancy between 44 and 1765 probably Of the () have survived the infancy

The earliest premature baby in the world:

Little Frieda really did not have much time in her mom's stomach. Already after to the world - as early as no other baby before her. Incidentally, Frieda weighed only tenderly when she was born () grams - and was thus still heavier than the lightest baby in the world.

The biggest Age difference between siblings:

First (*) With 60 years ago her son Joseph was born to the world. Belinda and her brother could also go through as grandma and grandchildren - unbelievable!

The shortest time interval between two births:

But somebody was in a hurry with the family planning. Just 100 Days after the birth of her son Joseph, New Zealander Jayne Bleackley gave birth to her little daughter Annie - the girl arrived a few weeks early.

The fastest birth in the world: (*) , The Englishwoman Palak Vyvas can not have a say - daughter Vedika was born two minutes after the amniotic sacs burst.

The longest birth in the world: She was pregnant with twins, but daughter Amy came after the (). Pregnancy week while nurse Katie took another three months longer. Thus, whole

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