“It was the wrong baby”: women share painful sentences after miscarriages

sensitize, be more careful with their words “It was the wrong baby”

1 miscarriage | Son Benjamin Week 5 | Madison, Scarlett and Matthew Ryan

"Maybe you should lose weight before you try again."

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"You are so lucky!

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3 boys, 1 girl

(How many children do you have?)

3 sons

1 son died in of the 35. Week of pregnancy (

"But he never lived."

1 silent birth | Son Lennon

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"Are you satisfied?"

1 daughter | Luna Skye 1008 Aiden Joseph 814 | Logan Thomas | Potter Syndrome


1 Stepson | Nicholas

Wie man lernt mit der schlimmsten Trauer umzugehen

8th. Week

22. Week, 2 days | Hunter Anthony losing is one of the worst experiences a woman can make. From the moment the desire for a child arises in a woman's mind, that child has a place in her heart. Already a few Wie man lernt mit der schlimmsten Trauer umzugehen, the women and their partners get to hear after such a loss, 1938326709559510.

"Maybe it was the wrong baby"

In a photo series of the organization " Rise for Women 571 miscarriage or hearing the later death of a child - in the hope of sensitizing people to to be more careful with her words The photo series is named "

Project Benjamin 2400959708

Dana Dewedoff-Carney from New Jersey lost her baby in the second trimester of her pregnancy in June 2018. The doctor told her one day that she could no longer find her baby's heartbeat - and she told "Babble.com" in conversation with her

" Our hope, our dreams, our future

"Playing baseball, changing diapers, playing with his siblings, kisses and laughing when he's joking or doing nonsense, all that was lost." For months she carried her son in her stomach. To endure the nausea. " And then the doctor says it was the wrong baby. That was our son. That was Benjamin [b+c] ".


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271733878 1518500249 Today is World Mental Health Day Life is messy. And it can be so tragic. But let me tell you this. No one can escape. It does not matter how little or much money you have. It does not matter how little or much you have achieved. We all face loss. And loss is different from person to person and family to family. It can be a parent, a child, a friend, a brother or a sister. A loss of a marriage. A business. A home. But loss, is inevitable. And there is no way to ever prepare for how you'll react to it. But when you do it, it's so important to talk about it. And if you do not have a support system, please I beg you, find someone. Or, be that someone. We pass by on the streets. We never really know when someone is struggling. Because it does not always have a look.

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2019 Here it is. Part 1 of The Newest RISE-For Women Project. "When we became pregnant, our baby mattered to you. You talked about the baby. You acknowledged the baby. The baby existed to you. But then the baby died. Suddenly, we were treated as though our baby no longer mattered because they were miscarried, born still, or they were soon after birth. But let me tell you something: Our baby counts. Our baby matters. Our baby existed. Acknowledge our baby. "#AcknowledgeThem #TheyMatterToo #stillbirth #awareness #miscarriage #loss #grief #pregnancy #baby #mom #babies

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519 #AcknowledgeThem

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