Jana Ina Zarrella tells: With these 3 tips you master everyday life

As a businesswoman and mother of two children, a bit of stress in everyday life comes up. To make sure that this does not happen more often than necessary, she shares three special tricks in an interview with BRIGITTE.de as part of her presentation of her autumn-winter collection with HSE 24, to master everyday life with children – apart from the best secret weapon, the coffee, of course ,

Tip 1: “Plan the day as best you can”

Especially with many children, everything can ever grow over your head. In order to avoid this as often as possible, however, it is essential to plan the upcoming appointments in order to get through the day well. Jana Ina reveals: “In my calendar are all appointments, including those of my children.” And: “I really try to plan the day the evening before”. So, add all your family appointments to the calendar – so you can prevent stressful situations at an early stage.


Tip 2: "Learning to give up"

Even though it is difficult to give up responsibility, everyday life with children is no different. Jana Ina Zarrella has already experienced this herself: "We want to do everything, but at some point we learn to hand things over." This is not easy, especially for women. The Brazilian model sees the same thing: "We can give a bit, women or mothers very bad." Many see themselves in the duty to do everything themselves. Of course, control is good, but giving up tasks every now and then makes life a lot easier. Because: "We'll break ourselves otherwise".

Tip 3: "Praise yourself"

"We can say it myself: I'm proud of myself." When did you last say this phrase? It has certainly been way too long ago. That has to be changed! So, take a moment at the next opportunity and just praise yourself - you will notice: this is balm for the soul. Jana Ina says: "What we women do, what we can do at the same time, you can praise yourself" - and we think so too!

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