Kinderfotos im Netz: That's what we're doing for our children

You like to post children’s photos? Blogger Toyah Diebel uses a photo project to raise awareness of what we are doing to our children.

Love is known to blind. Unfortunately also sometimes for the interests of the loved ones: Many parents share photos of their children in the net and forget the pride and exuberance of the personal rights and dignity of their children.

With her photo project #deinkindauchnicht , for which she won the actor Wilson Gonzalez Ochsenknecht as a model, the Berlin blogger Toyah Diebel raises awareness of what it would be like if we were shown around the web as some parents do with their children.

When peeing, while sleeping, with a smudged face, when crying – children are often shown in unworthy and intimate situations.

No, we do not want adults to be seen in public. And probably not our children either. How did you come up with the idea for your project #deinkindauchnicht?

Toyah Diebel : Almost everyone knows the feeling of seeing a picture of themselves online that they do not want to see online. No matter if it landed on the internet with or without intent to get that image out of the internet again, it’s almost impossible. If that happens to you as an adult, that’s one thing – letting your own kids run into this knife, another.

What can happen to the photos?

How do we know who will download the picture or take screenshots of it? Since I’ve been active on Instagram, I have noticed relatively quickly pictures in which people pictured were definitely not involved in the decision of publication. This is especially true for children. And the more one deals with the subject, the deeper one dives into the depths of the Internet. There is everything here: from supposedly sweet, fucked up children to made-up babies in suspenders with suggestive comments underneath.

Why do parents post such pictures?

I do not accuse all parents of deliberate, negligent behavior, but often lack the competence and foresight, what carelessly posted pictures of their own children cause or what they can be abused. This is topped only by parents who stage and market their children for a few likes or euros, and then sell it as a great fun for the child. We definitely need more awareness and sensitivity to the topic.

What do you advise parents? Are you not allowed to share children’s and family photos anymore?

If you absolutely want to post your child, you should first ask yourself if the privacy of the child is protected. And you should ask yourself if there is even one single person in the world I do not want her to see my child. If that is the case, you should not publish the picture. When a stranger tells my kid at the grocery store how cute it looks, that’s not for me. If the same man writes the sentence as a comment under my picture, I think that’s great. Why?

More from Toyah? Toyah’s Instagram account is called @ toyahgurl , the project website .

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