Kindertherapeutin: This one recognizes a good moth

“Me, a good mother?” Constance, a mother from Australia, could not believe it. But the words of a child therapist have convinced her.

Constance Hall is a fun- loving hippie mom from Australia who talks refreshingly honestly about her worries and general non- perfectness on her blog, . That pleases many women out there. Over one million Facebook fans speak for themselves.

A child therapist brought her to rethink

Recently she has once a post written, the very speaks to us from the heart and likely many mothers wipe out the constant bad conscience – at least for a short time!

Constance writes about a friendly child therapist she met a few weeks ago. She looked at Constance, looked at her two children, and said, “You’re such a good mother.”

Costance had to blast off first. She answers:

“I do not feel like a good mother, the kids drive me crazy, I lose my nerve and in the evening I go to sleep thinking of where to get the patience for the next day.”

Is that familiar to you? Then read what the therapist answered:

“Babies are crying, it’s their way of communicating, toddlers screaming, schoolchildren moaning and teens complaining, then mommy mumbling the words ‘damn shit’ before answering the kids, so we communicate.

But you know something, Con? It’s better than silence.

A house full of screaming kids and quarreling teens and a parent who’s constantly asking questions and requests is a healthy home for me.

The silent children, the scared toddlers, the teenagers who are not coming home and the parents who are not talking to their children worry me.

And the children MAKE Do not insane. You were crazy before. That’s why you got it. “

You do not have to say more, right? All the screaming and quarreling is exhausting, yes. But it is also healthy. So be proud of yourself. Holy shit. ? c

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