“Lemoga”: Yoga for body, soul – and for the heart 😍

Yoga for Body, Soul and Heart: A hotel in the British Lake District lately offers “Lemoga” with funny lemurs. Never mind!

Goat Yoga? Old news! Beer or Metal Yoga (“Shout That Fuck!”)? Anyway. Naked Yoga, Dog and Cat Yoga? All very nice, aaaber …

Even nicer is Lemoga – yoga with lemurs. The animals were hired by a British hotel to do yoga with the guests. The fluffy colleagues with the beautiful hands – sorry, paws – live in the adjacent wildlife park and are probably looking forward to even come out.

The Armathwaite Hall Hotel and Spa in the English Lake District has launched the yoga sessions as part of its Meet the Wildlife wellness activities. Park manager Richard Robinson told BBC why the fluffy primates are ideal yoga buddies. They have virtually invented the Lotus seat:

When you look at lemurs, you see that they naturally do some yoga poses – such as the typical posture of warming their stomach in the sun.

Robinson also emphasized the positive impact of animals on humans in general: “I do not think you’ve ever seen an unlucky animal keeper, we spend all our time with animals, we know how it feels, and if we pass on a small piece of it can, is that wonderful! “

“Lemoga” is supposed to work especially well against stress

The hotel also claims that “Lemoga” works well against stress and also helps lower blood pressure.

In any case, it is certainly very cute to practice some asanas together with the fluffy journeymen from Madagascar. That’s why we find: “Lemoga” belongs to every bucket list of yogis around the globe.

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