Lesbian relationship – the biggest benefits

Well, have you ever thought that having a relationship with a woman would have one or the other advantage? If not: But she would have! Lesbian couple Ina and Vanessa share his top 10.

That sex with a woman has its charms and it is quite worthwhile to be tried, many women can imagine – but a lesbian relationship? Is not someone missing someone who mends the bicycle tire? Or that cools us when our emotions boil over again?

Nope, say Ina and Vanessa from Berlin , who have been experiencing it for two years now, on the contrary. The relationship with a woman has advantages that a heterosexual partnership can never offer us. Inas and Vanessa’s Top 10 below.

(For the sake of completeness, yes: The cliché box, from the above examples of mend because of plates and overcrowding emotions tame, had – fortunately – already on top of a thick layer of dust … 😉)

Lesbian Relationship: 10 unbeatable benefits

1. Share clothes

Since we have been together, our wardrobe has doubled. Sure, not everything fits, but the choice is enormous.

2. Exchange make-up and make-up tips

Yeah, make-up is so similar, we like to make-up. Since one can already use one or the other and learn. ☺️

3. Partner and BFF

As you already know, your girlfriend is also your best friend.

4. Full understanding of period problems

She understands that with the days. Your girlfriend knows what it’s like to need kilos of chocolate or to cry for no reason.

5. Inseparable

You can go anywhere together. To the bathroom, in the locker room, sports – no problem. You never have to part unless you do not want to. And we all know: Some zippers you just can not get to …

6. The same preferences

We both like watching the same snappy love movies and series – and nobody complains about it.

7. Childbirth can be divided fairly

There are two potential mommies, meaning that your girlfriend can become pregnant if she is better off. I’m sure one or the other woman in a heterosexual relationship would not be that unpractical …

8. You only get pregnant if you really want to

No panic attack, if the period is too late – even though you are not even prevented! (Although this has a somewhat sad aspect in itself, but since a pregnancy is basically possible, it’s a big advantage.)

9. Kissing is always possible

You have no stubble, no scratchy beard on your face – NEVER!

10. Support with the gynecologist

Your companion to the unpleasant gynecologist visit is certain. Sure, not in the treatment room, but with in the practice and that takes already the fear.

You want to know more about Vanessa and Ina? On her Instagram account, Vaginasontourx , they share a lot of exciting content and personal insights. On YouTube you can find them under this link: Vaginasontour x .

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