Liebeskummertipps the editors: What REALLY helps us with heartache

lovesickness is never beautiful, but at least we are not alone … The personal tips of BRIGITTE .de-editors against heartache and love-suffering.

lovesickness? Welcome to the club … Find out more about our experience in this predicament in our gallery.

“My tip: Pick a new hobby Sounds trivial, but it really helped me After a break I founded a band – the best idea of ​​my life! As a single you just have more time and you should go for special I did not only find diversion through band rehearsals, but I also found really nice friends. “

Annalena, Head of Website

“My best friend is a big fan of fate and in terms of heartache, I took a look at her: Then it should not be If something just does not work or you hurt will help the belief that everything will eventually make sense And who belongs together, which also finds together – otherwise waits for the right or just behind the next corner to one. (“

Mareike, editor Living and News

” By no means do I watch love movies. When I'm feeling heartbroken, I watch James Bond or Marvel action movies . It's the best way to distract me. “

Anissa, Editor Academy

” Howling out fat, talking to friends about it, getting comforted and then distract, with online dating, going out and work, always changing . Over time, the pain subsides, you can again see the beautiful aspects of being single – and start looking forward to the next love. Because that's definitely coming. “

Susanne, Editor News

” It should allegedly help to look at Schnulzenfilme, while a pot of chocolate ice cream to spoon and let the seemingly-yet-non-waterproof mascara run wild. I tried that back then, did not really do anything. Sometimes the unexpected things help. For example, my dad came around the corner, saw that I was heartbroken, and just put out the following sentence about men: 'There is not just a handful, there is a whole country full.' I'll never forget the saying and every time I'm heartbroken, that mantra makes me smile. “

Celin, Volunteer

“First of all, I would call my mother / best friend / both and cry out. It's okay to feel like the most unhappy person in the world after a breakup and sink into self-pity. But after the big howling, I always need to do something to distract myself – I prefer to rearrange the flat and say goodbye to things that have been of great importance to me in the relationship. I am creating new space in my four walls and therefore also in my heart . Anyway, it works for me! “

Stephanie, Editor Health

With me distraction always helped … the week (s) with friends “planning out” … cinema, games evenings or whatever – just do something with people, so there is not so much time to ponder 😉.

Claudia, SEO-Editor

“My last big heartache helped me to stand in front of the mirror and encourage myself. 'It's good that it's over', 'I can do it', 'it was right' – I talked to myself like a good friend. “

Ulrike, Head of SEO

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