Losing weight during pregnancy: crazy or sensible?

Anyone who is pregnant probably does not think about the next diet first. When losing weight during pregnancy makes sense, you will find out here.

Losing weight during pregnancy: introduction

Losing weight during pregnancy certainly sounds strange to many at first. While weight loss after pregnancy is a big issue, pregnant women are still looking forward to the baby and marveling at their ever-growing belly.

The body basically gains weight during pregnancy , eventually a baby grows up in the stomach. At birth after a long pregnancy, a baby weighs between three and three and a half pounds.

Other factors that indicate an increase in pregnancy:

  • Womb and placenta grow
  • Water retention in the body
  • Breasts get bigger
  • amniotic fluid
  • More blood circulating

Losing weight during pregnancy: how much can I gain?

  • In the first three months of pregnancy, however, the weight remains relatively stable . Many women even lose weight slightly at this early stage of pregnancy when they vomit more often due to nausea.
  • In the second trimester of pregnancy is expected to increase from 250 to 400 grams per week and also recommended.
  • In the last three months of pregnancy before birth, women gain about 500 grams a week .

The overall increase in weight during pregnancy depends on the woman’s figure:

  • Underweight (BMI under 18.5): 12 to 18 kilos
  • Normal weight (BMI 18.5 to 25): 11 to 15 kilos
  • Overweight (BMI 25 to 30): 7 to 11 kilos

In sum, it should be noted that very thin women in pregnancy also gain more weight. The values ​​are of course only indicative and not carved in stone.

Losing weight during pregnancy: Diet in pregnancy?

  • The pregnancy is not there to fast in competitive form. That is not healthy. For the child, this can lead to malnutrition, which in turn threatens development. If women have abnormal eating habits during pregnancy, they should always seek medical help.
  • The diet should even be adjusted slightly upwards in pregnancy (about 20 percent more calories), so that the child is sufficiently supplied with nutrients. Do not worry if you start to get pregnant. This is a sign that your child is well looked after. After pregnancy, you will lose weight by breastfeeding alone.

Losing weight during pregnancy: If you are overweight, lose weight and do some exercise

  • With a strong overweight, that is a BMI of over 30, an adapted diet and a little sport can be useful. One study found that overweight women exercising five times a week (about 30 minutes) could maintain or even reduce their weight despite pregnancy.
  • The baby can benefit from this, as it does not result in too much weight , which often happens as a result of over-hypertension. In addition, the children of these athletically active women were rarely born by caesarean section.
  • In any case, the diet and exercise should be coordinated with a doctor , even in overweight people. Through regular checks can also be seen, if everything goes as desired.
  • Even overweight should not make a one-sided diet during pregnancy. It’s more about reducing calories (if calorie intake is too high) and choosing a healthy, balanced diet . For experiments like Low Carb is not the time now.
  • Losing weight after pregnancy : This is how you can handle it. Find out how to make a nutrition plan here. And whether trend diets like the New York diet or the military diet work, you can read here.

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