Losing weight during the menopause: how it works!

Losing weight during menopause is particularly difficult because there are many hormonal changes in the body. But it is not impossible – with these tips it can still work!

Losing weight during the menopause: how it works!

The menopause is a challenge for many women. When the hormonal balance changes, it not only causes mood swings but also the body undergoes some changes. In addition to occurring hot flashes (sweats) and sleep disorders, it can be extremely difficult, among other things, to prevent weight gain or lose a few kilos.


Why is losing weight during menopause so difficult?

During the menopause, on the one hand, the metabolism slows down, which slows down the fat loss. On the other hand, the body requires less energy – so the basal metabolic rate decreases. One of the reasons: Ovulation in women of childbearing age consumes about 300 calories daily, which disappear during menopause. And: Already between 30 and 35 years, the body starts to lose muscle mass, which we burn even fewer calories.

Despite the menopause weight decrease

Losing weight during menopause is not easy, but with a slight change in diet and some exercise quite possible. A diet is usually unnecessary for that – and you do not have to do without everything. These tips help you lose weight during your menopause so you can do without dieting and still worry about your weight:


1. Switch the metabolism into the turbo-gear

To stimulate the metabolism during the menopause again, it helps, for example, when eating to use spices (see also: Spices for losing weight ). Especially chili, ginger, and black pepper heat the metabolism properly. But also citrus fruits like oranges and berries of all kinds have a positive effect on metabolism.


2. Do not give up movement during menopause

Also indispensable: exercise. Although losing weight without exercise basically also, but what lasts so long, is almost impossible during menopause. At best, so you’re looking for a sport that you really like (swimming or cycling, for example) and go to this regularly. Three times a week for 30 minutes usually enough for an effect.


3. Drain with nettle tea

Increased water retention occurs during menopause. And these, unfortunately, show up on the scales. In contrast, a cure with nettle tea helps: The plant helps flush out excess water. For this, you drink best two to three cups per day – but for a maximum of four weeks, so no habituation effect occurs.


4. Nutrition: In the evening only eat light food

In the evening, the metabolism and digestion have been working hard all day – now they should not be additionally burdened by unhealthy eating. Finished products such as pizza are not only heavy in the stomach in the evening, they also make it difficult to burn fat. During the menopause, eat a lot more protein from dairy products, eggs, lean fish or meat, whole grains, and vegetables and just do not keep a diet.


5. Sleep enough

The term beauty sleep does not come by chance: during sleep, our body regenerates. And also to lose weight, enough rest is essential! If we sleep about eight hours at night, we are less hungry the next day. Conversely, the feeling of satiation sets in later, when we have slept too little and we also get rather cravings.

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