Make-up duty for stewardesses: This airline eliminates them!

Who wants to work as a stewardess, must meet many requirements. Among other things, flight attendants must wear makeup. The first airline eliminates this obligation. A good idea?

They are slim, pretty and wear a chic, discreetly perfumed uniform with skirts: Stewardesses always look like peeled from the egg. Her hair and nails are made, they are perfectly made up and have bright white teeth. Her smile: immaculate.

The British airline Virign Atlantic Airways, for example, has so far been contracted by stewardesses to wear rouge, mascara and red lipstick at work. That’s enough of that. Since March 8, 2019, World Women’s Day , Virign Atlantic has been easing the make-up obligation for its employees. From now on it is up to the stewardesses themselves whether and how much they are made up.

Instead of make-up and skirt: pants and naturalness

And that’s not all. Since the 8th of March, stewardesses have also been asked to wear uniform trousers – in addition to the otherwise obligatory skirt.

What about other airlines? The specifications are still focused on the appearance of the employed women:

  • British Airways : While stewardesses are allowed to wear trousers, women are subject to make-up and are required to cover blemishes. Only in 2016, the pants ban for stewardesses was lifted.
  • Lufthansa : For discreet make-up of stewardesses is requested. Lip gloss and glitter is prohibited. The hands have to be cared for.
  • Emirates : This airline provides its own make-up trainings to standardize the look of the stewardesses (eye shadows in shades of brown, lipstick in Emirates red). Nail polish is only allowed in red or nude tones.
  • United : Stewardesses should be conservative, not too strong.
  • Ryanair , Easyjet and other low-cost airlines: make-up is not contractually required.

The motto of the airlines: Beauty is part of the job. The stewardesses should represent the airline as beautiful as possible. But who determines what beauty is? And why should not every woman decide for herself when and how she is beautiful?

Do unvarnished women look unkempt?

But why the whole thing? Behind the make-up duty is probably the certainty that unvarnished women look neglected. The fact that this is nonsense, Virgin Atlantic wants to prove with his compulsory labor.

Would not “well-groomed appearance” suffice? It does not need make-up. Well-maintained means: freshly showered, clean clothes, combed hair and no leftovers on the face. For men who work as flight attendants, by the way, that’s just the case: you just have to trim their nails and hair – done! Why the higher demands on women? Why is there so much difference between the sexes? And why is femininity still equated with perfection?

Virgin Airways justifies the change as follows: The employees should not be forced to do anything and thus feel more comfortable at work. The cancellation of the make-up duty should be done on request of the stewardesses themselves. In other professions, women are not required to sit on the office table or cash register.

After all, stewardesses once even had to commit to wearing high heels – today that is no longer the case with most airlines. Nevertheless, some prescribe a paragraph duty (without centimeter information).

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