Mantras for more confidence – give it a try!

In order to strengthen ourselves from the inside, sometimes we only have to talk good. These mantras help you on your way to more self-confidence.

In order to gain more self-confidence, one can take up coaching, travel or always face bigger challenges. But you can also start small – at home, without much effort. Book author Leonie Malinowski (“On the Journey to My Consciousness”) recommends 5 mantras to increase self-love and self-esteem. Important: Repeat these mantras daily, loud or quiet. Only then can the beliefs manifest in consciousness and subconsciousness.

1. Now is the time to recognize and unfold my potential

This mantra should focus on your talents. It is important that you free yourself from other beliefs like “I can never do this” or “I can not do that” and instead realize how much potential there is in you.

2. I go to my full power

Being aware of its potential is only the first step. You also have to indulge in his power! Fears, anger, grief and conditioning keep us from seeing each day. They occupy our minds and close our eyes to the beauty and the really important things in life. Through this sentence, you realize: Now I focus entirely on what makes me strong.

3. I am free from all fears

Fear can protect us, but it can also slow us down. Take the fear, but then let it go. You will quickly realize: At this moment you are the creator of your happiness.

4. I love myself, so I take care of myself

He who loves himself takes responsibility for himself and ensures that he is well. A very essential insight to gain self-confidence and strength from the inside out. When was the last time you had something really nice?

5. I allow myself to be happy

Yes, you can be happy – you deserve it! Leave everything behind to stop you. Whether in love, in the job or everyday life – shake it off. You’re worth it!

Leonie Malinowski’s book “On the Journey to My Consciousness” tells you more about how to better engage with yourself. 19.90 via Amazon .

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