Marriage barrier: It depends on whether couples marry

Feelings? Good sex? Similarities? Everything important for the relationship! But as one study has revealed, another criterion plays a crucial role.

If two people love each other, fit together, give each other strength and harmonize in everyday life, they will sooner or later come safely to the funnel, that they might as well marry . Should one think so! However, as a comprehensive data analysis and study of a US sociologist revealed, another factor is crucial for or against the decision to “Yes, I want!”.

Patrick Ishizuka of Cornell University in New York evaluated data from several representative US income surveys between 1996 and 2013 for his analysis. He also added the results of a monthly survey of some 600,000 households from the US Census Bureau of Labor Statistics.

His clear conclusion: Money plays a big role! But not as you might think at first …

Before marriage is the “marriage barrier”

“When couples reach a certain income status and wealth, they are more likely to get married,” Ishizuka said in a Cornell University communication. “For economically disadvantaged couples, on the other hand, the separation risk is significantly higher.” Whoever earns more money from the partners or contributes to the relationship and the size of the partnership-internal gap between the financial contributions is less decisive – above all, how one compares with other couples of a similar age.

Ishizuka’s findings thus confirm empirically the hypothesis that there is indeed a kind of economic “marriage bar”, a financial threshold that a couple usually wants / needs to cross before getting married . On the one hand understandable, because in connection with the marriage, so the sociologist, “you want a house, a car, enough savings for a great wedding celebration – and security through secure jobs and fixed income.”

What does marriage bar mean for marriage?

On the other hand, such a wedding limit is also problematic and somewhat worrying. After all, the gap between rich and poor almost always grows larger and a prosperous life is becoming increasingly difficult for many people to achieve. However, the marriage barrier is shifting steadily upward so that “marriage is increasingly reserved for couples with high economic status,” says Ishizuka. Oh dear! The marriage in the future only for rich people? Terrible idea. And unromantically high ten!

But even if: Does true love really need ring on the finger and status? In unmarried couples, according to Ishizuka’s analysis, the income distribution within the relationship plays a much greater role than with spouses and as compared to other households. The more similar the financial situation, the more stable the partnership is for unmarried couples .

But whether poor, rich, unmarried or married, and even though money seems to play a bigger role than thought / hoped, if one could measure love and compare it to income, it would be guaranteed to be the most important factor in a lasting relationship. And by a long way! Or what do you mean …?

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