Marrying abroad: tips for your dream wedding

A picturesque wedding on the Caribbean beach or a marriage in the Big Apple – sounds romantic and exciting! But in advance you have to pay attention to something – what, we tell you here.

Marriages abroad: you need these documents

Before the romantic part of your dream wedding begins, you should clear up some matters in advance. What documents you need to marry abroad varies from country to country. Generally you should be able to submit:

  • Identity card and passport
  • International birth certificate / deed of origin
  • Marital certificate (via the registry office)
  • In case of previous marriage: Proof of marriage termination

You should inquire in advance at the civil registry office abroad , which documents are required and above all, which require a certified translation.

Also inquire about whether there are login and waiting times that you must comply with. And if one of you should not be a German citizen, you may need other requirements or other documents.

Some countries require z. For example, an international excerpt from the registration office, proof of employment or a blood test.

Marriages Abroad: Is the marriage recognized in Germany?

If the two married couples meet the requirements (such as minimum age) for a marriage and the necessary prerequisites of the marriage country have also been met for a marriage, the marriage is also recognized in Germany .

Marrying abroad: back in Germany

If you have legally married abroad, the marriage is also valid in Germany – but there is no law that requires marriage to be registered. But of course you can register voluntarily in the register of marriage , in addition you submit an application with the family court. This is useful if you need documents for the wedding , eg. For example, for a change in the income tax bracket.

Marrying abroad: this is easier!

Marrying abroad does not mean less and less bureaucracy! But in some countries, the requirements are not quite as high and it is relatively easy to marry there.

Marry in Las Vegas or New York City

The requirements vary from state to state in the US . But in Nevada, the effort is limited: you want to give the yes-word as in the movie in Las Vegas (USA)? With or without Elvis, marrying there is still the easiest. In addition to your valid passport, you will need a Marriage License , which you can get in the Marriage Bureau (currently costs $ 77). You have the opportunity to apply for them online before, but you have to pick them up personally. The license is then valid for one year. And you need a Witnesses (witness). But: If you are only traveling in pairs, many chapels offer to make a groomsman.

Tip: If you want to have an official marriage certificate for Germany, then according to the German representations in the USA you have to apply for it at the responsible county recorder on site!

You also need the documents mentioned above for the New York City wedding: the Marriage License, your passports and, if you have a previous marriage, proof of divorce in translation or, in the case of widowhood, a certified copy of the death certificate of the deceased spouse.

Marrying in Denmark

In Denmark , too, there is a witness obligation, and here too, if you do not have anyone with you, maybe not all of you – but some registry offices – will make you a witness. Here again, you need a valid passport / identity card, a marital status certificate (not older than four months) from the country where the couple lived marriageable age. In addition, the bride and groom must complete a marriage declaration . Non-EU citizens must set up further documents, which must be obtained in advance from the civil registry office. All documents must be sent to the registry office before the wedding, where the processing can take up to four weeks! And note: Some registry offices require a minimum stay .

Marry in Jamaica

Lovers can marry in Jamaica after 24 hours, but you must apply for a marriage license in advance. The marriage permit is then valid for three months (fee currently about 50 US dollars). In addition, you need a certified copy of the birth certificate, possibly a proof of divorce (or, in the case of a widow, a certified copy of the death certificate of the deceased spouse). Documents that are not in English must be officially translated and confirmed by the Foreign Office and Honorary Consulate.

Are you starting to plan your wedding? So you do not forget anything, take a look at our wedding checklist . Here you can find more tips for marrying on the beach and all about the free wedding ceremony .

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