Mega cool! We would have liked these kidswear ourselves in the past

Do you also wish for parts from the children's collection that they are also available for adults? We could shop a lot in the kids department and put together our favorites for you. Who knows, maybe one or the other part will suit us after all?

What an eye-catcher! We can not get enough of the fisherman hat trend. This headwear is not only for fashion lovers, but also for kids. Nevertheless, this trend part might suit a few lucky ones among us (with a small head) (head circumference up to 58 cm). From Hugo BOSS Kidswear, 45 Euro.

We love everything about this coat. The cuddly inner fur, reminiscent of the favorite teddy, the beautiful gold tone that makes the coat shine, and the large buttons that visually round off the whole thing. Not to forget the sewn-on pockets, which are not only super stylish, but also keep your hands comfortably warm. By Lili Gaufrette, seen at melijoe, approx. 200 Euro

Leo patterns are more fashionable than ever and we love this subtle version in dark blue and black. The indicated belt at the waist gives the whole a nice shape, the small collar completes the whole thing. A part that we would buy immediately if we would fit in … from NKFVINAYA LONG, approx. 30 Euro.

A simple part of which you will have something for a long time! Or at least your little ones. This transition jacket is cut like a sweater, namely without a full-length zipper. Super cool and really practical! By Hugo BOSS Kidswear, approx. 63 Euro.

A real classic among coats, which we also do not want to deprive the little ones. You can not go wrong with that: timeless, classic and just beautiful. This coat is both for boys, as well as for girls and looks friendly and playful due to the bright buttons. From Petit Bateau, approx. 179 Euro.

A basic with kick! These simple black jeans make something pretty by their detail on the ankle. The blow is indeed inspired by the models of the 70, but much smaller and therefore very modern. The pants conjure a long leg and provides variety in the jeans assortment. We would like that! From Zara, approx. 20 Euro.

Big hair clips are totally hip this autumn. Especially golden variants are in vogue. There is not too much glitter. So why not a little accessory for cat lovers? But of course everyone else. Fortunately, hair clips have no size clothing … From Tartine et Chocolat, as seen on, approx. 15 Euro.

A real eye-catcher, especially on gray winter days. This down jacket for boys stands out with their signal color and we can not get enough. We love the black details, especially the big zips on the pockets. And, who of you fits in size 176? From Hugo BOSS Kidswear, about 225 Euro.

… is embroidered on this beret and we do not just love the message. Also this classic headgear in the French style has done to us. It suits many different outfits and adds a touch of French chic to any style. From Zara, approx. 11 Euro.

We can not pass Animal Print this season, but it does not have to always be leo print. This sweater with tiger pattern is at least as good. A special highlight is the stand-up collar without pattern. From Friboo, approx. 25 Euro.

The best first: These slippers are available up to shoe size 40! Not just something for the little ones. How about a family partner look? These super trendy rubber slippers appeal to both big and small, boys and girls alike. By Hugo BOSS Kidswear, approx. 32 Euro.

Wow, what a part! These pants are super comfortable due to the light fabric and the wide waistband. The red stripes extend the legs visually. These flared pants appeal to every girl, not just the little ones. If we do not fit in, then maybe the offspring? By Hugo BOSS Kidswear, 85 Euro.

A Hawaiian shirt with surfer pattern. What more do you need for a holiday feeling at home? The pastel colors make the colorful pattern not too restless, the short sleeves are perfect for the summer. We ride on this wave! From NIMMJERRY, as seen on, approx. only fashion becomes: shoes with velcro. Super easy, super practical and now also super fashionable. That's what we like! Luckily not all favorite parts are withheld from the kids. From Adidas, approx. 55 Euro.

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