Men say: “If she does this little thing for me, I feel like a king!”

Men are demanding? Some certainly, but many are happy about little things. At least this reddit thread gives this impression …

No, it’s not our job to make sure our sweetheart feels good at all times. After all, he is already big – there he should be able to take care of himself and his ego himself.

But does it hurt to do a favor to the person we love every now and then? Nope, on the contrary! Most of the time we even have a pleasant feeling when we do something good for someone else (especially our partner) – especially when we do not have to do much for it! Also: how it sounds in the forest, …

But what would be such unpretentious little things with which we could easily and reliably raise his spirits? In ” Reddit ” several men have answered this question. And most of the answers are pretty … oh, just see for yourself!

Little things that make men feel like kings

1. Common time

“I work a lot, between 60 and 70 hours a week, and when I get a full day off, my wife is really happy to spend time together, and shows it to me clearly, that feels great. “

2. approval

“Compliments of any kind!”

“If she tells me that I’m attractive.”

“I’m overweight, but when she tells me that it feels like I’ve lost weight, or I look good in certain clothes, I always have to smile, even if I deny it.”

“I’m old enough to cope well without social media or strangers confirmation, but I need them from my wife, men rarely get encouragement and compliments, but I’m uncertain and not so self-confident.”

3. Tenderness

“A massage or back scratching or caressing the back of my head, I do not know why, but it feels sooooo good!”

4. Small gifts

“My wife recently gave me flowers, I never thought I would be so happy about such a trifle !”

5. appreciation

“Originally, our plan was for us both to work, but after the birth of our son, my wife felt that she would rather stay at his house, and to do that, I was looking for a job that I did not particularly look for I know that sounds old-fashioned and I’m uncomfortable admitting it, but a serious ‘thank you for going to work’ would probably make me cry for joy. “

6. hug

“Sometimes my girlfriend just takes me in my arms and that’s super great! Often it’s exactly what I need … because now and then I really feel like shit and can not talk about it somehow.” These hugs in such moments are like a lifebuoy and make me feel that I do not have to do it all by myself. “

Everything sounds quite feasible, right? Provided, of course, that the men do their part, so that their partners feel like queens! For who wants from his wife, for example, a “Thank you, that you work,” should perhaps start with a “Thank you, that you take care of our son” …

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