Men tell: If a woman does that, I immediately lose interest

Lovers see everything through the pink glasses? It may be true – but some “misconduct” apparently slips through anyway. Eight ex-lovers tell what they could not forgive.

You’re dating, coming closer, falling in love with each other slowly but surely – and then suddenly the other guy does something that ends everything in one fell swoop and kills all the butterflies in the stomach . Well, gone stupid, but something happens! In a reddit thread men have shared their experiences of this kind – so who wants to get rid of someone … 😉

8 men share what has killed their butterflies

1. Playerin

“She said she had several guys on the long leash to get a backup in case she did.”

2. Embassy arrived !?

“When I was a student, I had a casual relationship with a woman, and when we wrote each other, she did not reply until after a few hours – not bad at all, since we just exchanged words or clarified our plans for the next weekend or something. A little annoying that it took a whole day to talk, but hey, I’m a bad writer myself, so I can not blame anyone.

However, I noticed then that when we were together, she immediately wrote back every time she got a message. She had such a loud song as a ringtone that ran for about 15 seconds while her display lit up. Super flashy, so I realized how often she writes. I asked her who she’s writing to, and she said it was just a college girl friend.

This made me realize that it can not work between us. Not immediately to answer, is okay. Constantly hanging on the phone is annoying, but not an exclusion criterion. But the realization that this person sticks to their cell phone but does not feel it necessary to answer me somehow turned me down. “

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3. Different priorities in budgeting

"I took care of this woman, which I thought was really great, and when we were eating, she told me that she was in financial trouble and therefore moved back to her parents, as she described it sounded like she was unlucky and did not do anything wrong, something like that can happen, and when the bill came I invited her to say thank you and said that she was trying to save, I said, 'sure you want to go back in.' your own apartment. ' She says, 'No, I'm saving for a new tattoo.' I do not mind spending money on a tattoo, but anyone who talks about their financial problems on a date should probably start saving for necessities rather than tattoos. "

4. Sweet and tingling

"She poured lemonade over my head during a firework display because she thought it was cute."

5. 2 Strikes = 1 Out

She said she had to step in urgently at work, I said it was okay, and then she put me back next time, supposedly because she had to give some extra tuition to someone, which made no sense because you do not plan something like that? "

6. Different humor

"She told me she wanted to become a 'gold digger' like her mother, and when I laughed about that, she did not understand what was funny about it."

7. Speed ​​limit exceeded

"During my studies, I met twice with a girl, she was wonderful, but she wanted to make it official right away, and started planning Instagram posts about" us. "She wanted us to spend each day together and sleep together. It came out of nowhere and we hardly knew each other, I tried to ignore it, but she asked me if I would be her first, and that was super uncomfortable, she seemed quite naive and I did not want to take advantage of that She started to slow things down, but she was offended, I finished with her, and she behaved very childishly, all in all, it lasted for over three weeks, she was really sweet, but her pace was off. "

8. Not curious enough

"We were on a date and she did not ask anything about me, the conversation was completely one-sided like a job interview or something."

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