Midwife gives brilliant insights into the miracles of birth!

Every birth is unique – under this motto, the midwife Jana Friedrich collects stories that tell about the miracle of each birth. Josephine Neubert supports her with unique birth photographs.

Anna tells:

“At some point, the doctor came in and told me not to press any more, (…) It burned like hell, and I gave some of the same embarrassing guttural grunts and moans – and then my head was there He was small, warm, a little slippery and slightly hairy, I already welcomed my little son inwardly (…) With the next woe Jaro fled out of me, and after a very short moment Cordula raised a pink-pink little one Bundle between my legs, staring at me with outraged eyes and wondering what had just happened (…) I took him on my chest and was blissful (…) Until the end I had I did not think it was possible for me to do it on my own (…) I have a beautiful birth in my head and in my heart. “

Sarah tells:

“I did not feel the actual cut, I did not feel any pain, but I still noticed the doctor pulling my son from the stomach, which felt quite strange, but passed so quickly that it seemed forgotten the next. I heard our son screaming, on the one hand I was relieved, on the other hand incredibly excited, the doctor showed it to us briefly, we saw his face for the first time and were both fascinated and overjoyed … (…) Tears came to my eyes. Caressed him, kissed him, a magical moment Before I had conceived, I could not imagine what that moment would feel like, I could never imagine having so much happiness, joy and gratitude at one and the same time say with all my heart that I was allowed to have a really nice birth. “

Chris tells:

“I did not feel any pain from the PDA, so I felt the head, then the body, and finally buttocks and legs pushing through, it was a great feeling, and at 7:42, our first twin Mara was there. The doctors and midwives just took one minute look at the baby, then I put the baby directly on the stomach and we had time to admire and cuddle her, then my husband was allowed to cut the umbilical and we needed the baby Now it got really exciting again, would the second baby turn around again, now that it had more space, or be born in pelvic endoparature? The two shared a placenta.There was a small risk that This was solved too early, I had all that in mind, but at the same time I felt very well cared for (…) The next time I woke up, I was allowed to squeeze again, and two weeks later saw it at 7:47 Watch the light of the world. (…) Also, we got our second baby Luise immediately on the stomach, and we were overjoyed. “

Jana tells:

I did not know if it was because the end was foreseeable, and the joy of the child now came to the fore, or if it helped to be able to actively do something to finally have the birth Or if the contractions themselves really changed, but as far as I am concerned, many women feel. (…) The crazy thing was that I really had to press completely involuntarily. (…) A natural lawyer who I greeted them with open arms because now I would like to hold my child in my arms The only downside was, well, the breech situation At that time it was absolutely normal to lay the women on the back at least for the moment of birth. I wanted so much to stand still … (…) I was a bit annoyed that midwife, doctor and father-to-be would know (!) In front of me, if it was a boy or a girl, since the baby is now out of his ass (…) And then finally came, finally mine little daughter to the world. She was immediately put on my stomach and covered with warm towels. The following minutes were simply indescribable. I was completely happy, relieved, exhausted and yet excited. (…) In the next few days I was physically very well, but internally I was floating on pink clouds. This feeling of accomplishing something incredible still accompanies me today. I wish all mothers that feeling. No matter how they get their children. “

A triple mom tells:

“The third birth was also announced on a Friday night when everyone was in bed, the big (four years), the middle (just under two) and our au pair slept when I was already in labor nothing happened. (…) My daughter kept coming to me and asked, ‘Is that a pity?’ and wanted to hold my hand. Or she expertly stated, ‘Mom, that’s a pity. Or? But if it is not bad, then the baby comes. ‘ She stroked me, ate my noodles, lay next to me and left. Our au pair said that she kept telling her questioning brother what happened now: ‘The baby is coming !!! That’s going on now, that’s normal. It hurts, but it does not matter because Mom needs it for the baby to come. ‘ At night the time had come, our third child, a boy, was born at full moon on a Sunday. (…) The daughter wanted to be awakened so that she could sever the umbilical cord. That’s right, that’s what she wanted to do. (…) Well, and then she just did not want to get up, and we let her sleep on. “

Charlotte tells:

“At 3:34 am Jacob was there, I let myself fall back for a moment to breathe in. The pain was gone, as everyone has always said, I was marginalized that he was immediately untied by the doctor Sucker and sucked in the respiratory tract, Jakob did not scream, he was briefly shown to me and then passed me by, a small blue creature smeared with meconium, the doctor gave him some oxygen and ballooned his lungs (…) There My husband told me that the umbilical cord had been wrapped around his neck twice, and that everyone had been worried about the last half hour because the heart sounds did not look good, I had not noticed, no one had it I felt that they had always looked calm and relaxed on me, and then I got my son Jakob in my arms and he was beautiful and had long hair on his ears (…) I could hardly believe it, finally I was mom . “

Angelika tells:

“As I was always in heavy labor, I asked if the access could be placed standing (bent), which was possible and much more pleasant than taking the lying position, then I got into the tub relatively soon and took the With the help of my husband I made the contractions, he held me down so I stayed afloat, finally, a strong downward pressure was created, and the midwife said, in keeping with my feeling, I would like to push down. The head was already a bit in the water, I could feel it with my hands, which motivated me to ‘finish it’ Then came the moment and my son was born into the water and swam under water and I was allowed to hug him with my own hands – I was instantly in love – it was a dream birth for me. “

Nina tells:

“She (the doctor) held the transducer on my stomach and said: ‘The child is looking directly at us.’ In the following minutes she explained to us the peculiarity of the ‘stargazer’ and that while it is quite possible to spontaneously give birth to a child from this situation, she was not covered in my previous birth, that this would still go without problems The doctor said that if a caesarean section were made now, it could all go without a hustle and bustle, since both I and my baby were still fine, 15 hours had passed since the bubble broke, and I had Although thanks to the PDA no more pain, but clearly also the feeling that something was wrong. (…) And so our son came after 16 hours of labor by Caesarean section to the world. (…) The operation got my circulation not good, and I would not have been able to hold on to our son, he was hugged my husband. “

Saskia, mother of twins, tells:

“After the two-day intensive care unit, when I was separated from the children, I could only hold them in my arms or look at them from a distance, so I am thankful that the closeness between us has become increasingly narrow. (…) Looking back for half a year with the two I can only say: Even if I fall in the evening dog tired to sleep, I am very happy about these children and would like them just when all ‘needs’ are done, to cuddle out of bed to take.”

If the newborn is put on in the first hour, it forms the ideal nursing start, because the milk production gets going so faster. Ideally, the baby will automatically move to the nipple on the mother’s breast and begin to suck after an average of 50 minutes. If this natural search reflex (also known as Breast Crawl ) of the baby does not exist, the mother can help him with it.

All pictures and much more are in the book Every birth is unique – 50 stories about the most elementary experience of life by Jana Friedrich and Josephine Neubert to see (MVG Verlag, 400 pages, 29.99 euros).

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