Midwifery Counseling: “Children's Hero” helps parents with their baby at the start

Help for pregnant women and parents of newborns: The new telemedicine offer “Children’s Hero” provides professional advice from midwives on issues relating to pregnancy, childbirth, childbed and child.

A baby is messing up the whole life. Suddenly there is this little creature with all its new needs and would like to be lovingly cared for by mom and dad. There are many questions parents ask. What do I put on my baby? Why is my baby screaming so long? Can I breastfeed while I have a cold? Even during pregnancy many questions arise. Can I eat salami pregnant? May I dye my hair?

Midwives advise on breastfeeding, sleeping, crying & baby care

During this time many expectant and new parents wish fast and professional support – especially if they have not found a midwife. That’s exactly what you get thanks to the telemedicine platform “Children’s Hero”. Through ” Children’s Hero “, parents can seek advice from experienced midwives before and after birth. The offer is supported by various health insurance companies and clinics.

How does midwife advice about “Children’s Hero” work?

Via “Kinderheldin”, parents can receive medically sound advice for all questions relating to pregnancy , childbirth, childbed and child. Examinated and experienced midwives advise by chat or by telephone, daily from seven to 22 o’clock, also on weekends and public holidays.

Barmer GEK magazine explains: “The spectrum covers all physical and psychological problems that can occur during pregnancy and six months after that in the mother and child – whether breastfeeding, sleeping, crying or baby care – with everything that parents in this exciting Time moves, they are right with the new consulting service.

Kinderheldin was founded in 2017 by Fabian Müller and Dr. med. Paul Hadrossek. Headquarters of the company is Berlin. In this video, the service of “Children’s Hero” is explained vividly:

What does the midwife’s advice about “Children’s Hero” cost?

A single consultation via live chat or phone currently costs, according to the website of “Children’s Hero” € 7.90. A monthly package costs 29.90 euros – who books this, can chat with the midwives and phone as often as he likes within this period.

There are already some health insurance companies that cooperate with child heroine and take over the costs of counseling, among them, for example, the Barmer GEK , the R + V Betriebskrankenkasse and the Hanseatische Krankenkasse. For example, insured persons of the Barmer GEK can use and give away the offer free of charge. If you want to make a mother or father happy with midwife advice, you can print out a voucher and give away a free midwife’s consultation.

However, according to the Barmer GEK, the offer should not replace the midwife on the spot, but is intended as a supplement. All services of the freelance midwives can therefore continue to be billed to the Barmer GEK.

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